Oilskin polish

I have an oilskin hat that needs to be treated, has anyone seen treatment wax over here?

Isn’t the treatment something like we have in the U.S. called, “Mink Oil”. it’s awesome stuff for a neutral collered and waterproof treatment for just about everything. I especially like it for my shoes and boots. I have never run across it here but I do use a “neutral color” shoe polish that I find at most supermarkets and always at upscale bag stores. I am not sure that this will work for you but it should certainly be considered an option. Just look in the shoe polish section.
As an alternative, I guess I might try a good quality olive oil to soften and recondition any leather. Not my first choice, but maybe it would work. I suggest you try your remedy of any kind on a small inconspicuous portion of your item and evaluate for yourself.

You can get mink oil here, no prob.

Thanks. I just haven’t run across it. I’ll take a closer look.

Thanks for the advice, I haven’t seen it either, but will look.