OK CORRAL in Taichung

gunfights in Taichung seems to be becoming common place?

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I don’t know about you guys but drunk and idiotic drivers seem like a pretty major problem to me. And things have been getting better on that front, at least on the major roads on Friday / Saturday nights, when there are police every hundred yards. I welcome it.

Who gives a crap if the gangsters kill each other.

I also believe that the drunk driver road blocks are helping a little bit. But it’s still possible to map out a way to drive through the city without passing through one of the road blocks. I’m hoping that it takes a somewhat sober person to figure that out. It’s not really intrusive; the police officer will stand next to your window and ask “how are you?” and if he doesn’t smell liquor or aggressive behavior, they just wave you on through. They are usually “task-oriented” in their style and will only be looking for drunk drivers. (unless it’s red light day) Does anyone have a better solution to keeping drunk drivers off the road? Should we steal guns from police and shoot at them?

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One name, three characters: Hu Zhi Qiang. The sooner somebody shoots this little shit the sooner Taichung can get back to being a proper city instead of one big KTV playground for Hu and his buddies.

IMO, the one thing that police ARE doing right in Taichung is the new offensive on drunk drivers. Even over the past few months I’ve started to see the ridiculous roadblock-cum-light-shows replaced with sneakier, well-placed checkpoints where police are stopping EVERY car and checking driver eye movement. This is a big improvement on the old situation where drunk drivers would see the roadblock ten minutes in advance and simply drive around it, or just buy a black saloon and drive right through.