OK, I'll come clean

I’ve been asked a few times about the ‘better’ jobs that I’m always telling people I have. I haven’t named names before because various of my friends were trying to get into them, and I didn’t want to lengthen the odds for them.

They’ve all had their chances now, so here’s the skinny for the rest of you:

Elite language institute, 02 2388 1453 - all adult classes. They do IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC etc in smallish classes. Sometimes just 2-3 students, usually around 10. I’ve never had 20 in a class. Of course it’s nearly all evenings and weekends, and they won’t give you a lot of hours to start. You punch in, say Hi to everyone, go teach your class, and punch out again. I’ve never had a meeting, or any other kind of bullshit there. They expect you to just do your job and leave you alone to do it. There have been some changes to the admin staff recently, but I’ve never had any kind of dispute or argument with anyone there in the past and I’m still there.

Yes, they are hiring right now.

Foresight, 02 2838 6485 - mostly high school. I used to do three days a week at a high school for these guys, lesson plans provided. Again you just walk in, teach, walk out. No time clock this time, but big classes of kids that were not always very bright. This was tough, but I know they have easier gigs too.

They have evening buxiban work coming up (junior high) that I know about, and all kinds of other stuff: some tutoring, other classes and camps in summer and winter. If nothing else you should remember these guys for future reference. I had a real blast with them last year. The guy to talk to is James Dean, a canadian with the enviable task of being the link between the teacher and the people with the unreasonable expectations.

I don’t work there any more, and we did have a few small contretemps, but he’s a lot better to work for than many of the people I’ve come across here. They have quite a few salary/ARC positions.

Both these companies pay better than the run of the mill places. With some experience you shouldn’t have a problem getting 700/hr, and more is possible.

Finally, I’m running a place of my own now. I don’t need anybody right at this minute, but anticipate that I will do in the near future.