OK, this is a nerdy request, but

I want to buy a game called Half Life 2 for my PC when it comes out in Taiwan. Does anyone know if such games are released in English, as it seems to be about 60 / 40 in favor of games that are not?

I, too, will be purchasing this game.
All internationally released games usually have a dual install, when released in a non-English speaking country (it will ask you what language to install).

I bought the Half-Life 1, CS, etc 5 pack, it asked me what language I’d like to install. English, of course!

So don’t worry, HL2 will have an English install…if it ever gets released!

that game was what i upgraded my vid card for, hopefully with its large open levels, it will be like Far Cry, but with doom3 level technology powering it.

[quote=“TaiwanPsycho”]I, too, will be purchasing this game.
All internationally released games usually have a dual install, when released in a non-English speaking country (it will ask you what language to install).[/quote] Really ? Even the ones that say 全中文版 ? I know ones that say 中英文合版 are ok. How about something like Age of Mythology ? I haven’t dared buy anything that only mentions Chinese.
I think Half Life 2 will be ok too.

AOM has a dual install. I borrowed it off my cousin-in-law.

Ahhhh!!! I have AOE II and it’s only in Chinese. The install has no English options. I’d love to get my hands on an English version.

Wait… am I being too nerdy?

I have Sim City 4 in English and Chinese and if anybody wants it they can have it.

Richard, I’ll take it. I’ve always wanted to try SimCity.

Also, if anyone has an old English copy of HalfLife lying around, I’d love that. I don’t want all the CS multiplayer stuff, justthat one with the guy who goes to visit that lab and there’s a bizarre accident or whatever … That’s the one right?


I just joined something calles STEAM, which is a community program run by Valve, who wrote Half Life 2. Apparently I can order it internationally as soon as it is released, which beats waiting for the distribution to Asia which, like Doom 3 could take over a month. But, the price is US$ 49.95 (includes Counter Strike Source, which is CS with HL2 graphics) not including tax or import duties. Does anyone know how much import duties are, and would I have to pay sales tax because I dont live in the US or Europe?

You could order it and just download it (via Steam).
But there’s no fun in that, because you won’t have a pretty HL2 box to look at.

Do u know if u can put the game on a disc after u download it from steam, as i would hate to get a virus and have to format my hard drive, and llose the game

Import duties on a game shouldn’t be anything if they are under 3000 NT. I do know when I have ordered games, if the cost was 3000NT or over (including shipping) then I paid 5% import (and some times additional “custom fees”).

You can’t get it on disk, but if something whack happened (virus, g/f deletes it because you play too much, etc.) you can redownload it again. Just make sure you don’t lose your account info (login name and passowrd).

Something happened a while back where I couldn’t use my steam account anymore (it rejected my password). I filed a support ticket and waited. It seemed like it took forever (a watched pot never boils), but I think they had it all resolved in a week or 2.

I bought Half Life 2 on Steam and I now have it sitting on my hard drive waiting for the offical release day so it can be unlocked and let me play it. It can be backed up on to CDR or whatever you like, but it’s not an install disc as such, just a backup of downloaded files. I moved all my steam stuff on to a new hard drive without a hicup, you can just as easily move it off a CDR or over a network.
I went for the Silver package, which also has the original Half Life and most of the add-ons, I’m playing Opposing Force now, which looks great even today, and Half Life 1 with the new graphics engine (have to wait for that to be unlocked too). Can’t get the hang of Counter-Strike, I shoot someone lots of times, nothing happens. But they kill me with one shot, what’s that all about ? :idunno:

The disadvantages of buying through Steam:
*You have to wait hours while it downloads, but I got throughputs of up to 700kps
*You don’t get a manual and a shiny box

The advantages of buying through Steam:
*You don’t have to wait weeks or months for someone to bother releasing it in Taiwan
*You don’t get an unreadable manual in Chinese and an oversized box you have to throw away because it takes up so much room.

I bought Half Life 2 from www.cdwow.com and it will be sent to me, free delivery and no tax, on Nov 16. Yes, they ship to Taiwan for free and it only takes 5 days! So, come Nov 21 I will be in hog heaven.

I’ve been playing HL2 since 4pm yesterday, and it’s the biggest pile of over-hyped doodoos ever.

Not really, it’s totally fab :thumbsup:
And to anyone who doesn’t have it yet: ner ner I have it and you don’t :raspberry:

So what do I buy myself for Crissmus - Halo 2, Half Life 2, or Doom 3?

I ordered last month but… the bastards are out of stock and I have to wait another week! They had my order a month ago! Why god, why? I can’t stand waiting as I am buzzing for this game! Tell me where to buy it and I’ll sell my other copy when I get it…

Haven’t got Halo 2 yet, maybe I will finally have to break down and buy an X-Box.

As for Doom 3 and Half-Life, I really like them both. The story telling aspect and puzzles on HL 2 are much better than that of D3, but D3 is a lot darker and can make you jump if you are playing late at night with the lights off.

The real choice comes down to whether you want to think a bit or just run around killing stuff.

If you are also looking to extend play into multiplayer, D3 is not the way to go. The game engine wasn’t designed to be extremely friendly to multiplayer and even on my P4 3.4 Ghz HT, 2Gb RAM, Nvidia GeForceT 5900 Ultra 256 MB, I have to drop to low resolutions to get decent frame rate. The Counter Stirke: Source, which is supposedly released as the multiplayer portion of Half-Life 2, is great; I have been playing it constantly since I got the download from Valve when I originally bought the HL2.

I’m not a gamer, but I’ve been hanging out with a bunch of guys who are. Of the three, I’ve been hearing the most raves over Half Life 2 currently.