OK to teach for that organization?

Hi guys,

Have you heard of an organization" Columbia" offering English classes to adults in Taichung and Changhua?

Have you worked there?

Is it OK to teach there?

Columbia was the subject of a number of complaints a few years back, but there hasn’t been much said about them in recent years. The complaints back then weren’t terribly serious nor were they really out of the normal, just the sort of stuff that gets said about most schools from time to time. The quantity of complaints was a bit of a worry (assuming that they weren’t made by one person under different names - an instant majority!).

I have been in contact with the company in recent months and I was impressed with the way that they responded to my questions about their past record. I certainly cannot say ‘Great school, no worries’ as I don’t have the information available to say that, but from what I know about their current situation I would be surprised if they caused too much trouble for you.

My advice is to check everything that they tell you just as you should with any position, but if you like what they are offering then it may be worth a try.

Please let us all know how you if you do decide to go with them so that we can get an idea of what the current Colmubia is like.