Okay... Got the popper. Now, how 'bout the corn?

Hi Folks,

I can hardly tap out this forumosa message because my heart is racing. The 7-11 popcorn, with your choice of butter, cheese, or glue, is making my head spin.

Where can we get microwave-ready, unsalted, unbuttered, unglued popcorn? If not that, then unadulterated popcorn for the stovetop or popper – I don’t care – just plain old popcorn.

Your comments and directions to the good stuff are most appreciated.

i’ve bought popcorn kernels at wellcome and carrefour. they shouldn’t be too hard to find. i couldn’t live without popcorn!!! :rainbow:

A pot, some oil/ butter and your stove should do just fine.

edit I should learn to read. You’ll find the popping corn at Wellcome. I do*


I live in Hsinchu and have found small bags of popcorn kernals in Wellcome. I have found big BIG bags of seeds in RT Mart. Close to the bulk foods and big bags of beans, nuts, grains etc. The big bag only costs 50nt for about 500grams.

A definite bargain. I used to be hooked on microwave popcorn and now am back to oil and kernals on the stove.

If you have an RT Mart around - I suggest you check it out.

Popcorn is pretty easy to find as long as your looking for plain or possibly cheese. I’m debating about bringing in some exotic flavors though??? who knows… :slight_smile: