Okinawa Visa Run

I need to go to Okinawa for a visa run to get a visitor visa. What do I need to take with me? How long will it take? Please help. I’ve never done a visitor visa run before.

Thanks Ryan

You could ring the Japan Taipei Office of the Interchange Association (??? Japanese Chinese English???), in other words the quasi-consulate in Taipei on 02-2713-8000 according to my book and ask them - surely they’d know. Then you need to ring the office to check if their rules have changed. I remember they were good with me - took about two days, but it’s a good idea to stay longer because it’s a nice place, and perhaps the officials treat you better if you look like you’re on a holiday. It’s possible it’ll take less time if you get there in the morning - ask them all those details.

I’ve found their telephone number: 81-98-862-7008.
And address: 6F Alte Building, 3-15-9 Kumoji, Naha (City), 900-0015, and email:

The office hours are/were Mon-Fri 08:30 to noon and 1pm to 5pm.

You can easily get from the airport to the main town area on a train, and the office is a few minutes’ walk from a train station - very conveniently placed.

I’d recommend staying at the Shinkinichi Ryokan, but a nice large room is around Y4000 and a very small but clean one with shared bathroom perhaps Y3200.

Do you have any information on the hotel?

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The hotel: you should be able to find somewhere to stay - that’s not your main concern, as there are places near the visa office. Just focus on getting there first.

The hotel is off Kokusai St. (dori=street), which is the town’s main street, on Ukishima St., really near the centre of town, but it’s nice and quiet as I remember. It’s on the right as you walk from the main street. It looks a bit like an apartment block rather than a hotel. Their telephone number is/was 098-869-4973 or 098-869-5059, and the lady that runs it was a lovely friendly genki woman with excellent English because she’s married to an American.

There are cheaper hotels, such as one just off the main street on the right, a lot further away from the visa office (North). You could look around, ask at the tourist office, or write down details from the Lonely Planet Japan in a bookshop and in the library at CKS Memorial Hall MRT station.

There is a tourist bureau just off the main street who can help you find it. There is usually someone around who can speak enough English to help you get closer to where you need to go or what you need to get.

All the things you need are within walking distance of each other.

There are cool cultural and historical things to see there. Enjoy it.