Old fashioned Barbers in Taipei


Anyone know a good place to get a haircut at like an old school barber? Preferably from a barber that knows a bit of English.


The sculptor barber comes to mind.


I pass this place all the time. Never been in there, but you could give their FB a message and see if they have English speakers available.


You mean a barbershop with an old lady who practices also the old profession?


Heard about this place if you’re willing to pay


“Just a little trim, please.”


There’s a place around where I live in Banqiao that does it all. Straight razor shaving, mustache curling, decent men’s haircuts, you name it. Very reasonable pricing. No English though. I always feel like the people asking these questions never bother to walk around their neighborhood, quite a few people even asked about music shops, which are very easy to find … I’ve seen at least a half dozen barber shops in nearly every town I’ve gone into.

Edit, I should’ve mentioned that I don’t speak any Chinese. When body language doesn’t work I’ll use Google translate. Most business owners I’ve come into contact with care more about making money than small talk.


where abouts is that? i’ve noticed like 3 salons pop up right next to each other recently. asian business strategy i guess. theres also a shit ton of those claw machine places around now.


There’s Auntie’s in Tienmu. Ask for Wayne. His English is perfect and the prices are reasonable.


I got a great haircut here. Guys speak English and you’ll get a drink (coffee, beer, whiskey) while you’re getting a haircut as well.


Don’t see much “old fashioned” about a friggin NT$1k shave, yeesh…


Also recommend the Craftsmanship Barber : owner has shops in Hualien & Taipei. They also offer a cut-throat shave, great way to pass an hour.