Old Palm Pilot - what's it worth?

DH wants to buy me a new Palm. The one I have wasn’t cheap when we bought it so I’d rather sell it if it’s worth anything.

It’s the Palm Pilot Professional, v. 2.0.5
Not a lot of memory… it says 960k but I’m currently only using 375k.

I like to keep things simple so the only things I’ve added to it are HandyShop (shopping lists), Dinky Pad (doodling, maps, phone numbers) and Big Clock.

What do you think?

My Taipei Baby

Hi Jennifer,

Even as a Palm user myself, I wouldn’t know off the top of my head. I suggest you spend a few minutes on http://www.ebay.com and see what the starting bids are and what anyone, if anyone, has bid for it.


I would say, in general…not much. Considering a Handspring Visor Edge is going for around $150 in the US, an early generation Palm Pilot would only have a market for hardcore collectors or people needing spare parts.

I wouldn’t give up on it…I’ve met quite a few people here in Taiwan who were interested in having a PDA, but who didn’t have nearly the money to buy a new one. Many of them would probably be delighted to drop a reasonable amount of money and get something basic, that would handle their needs (although a dictionary probably wouldn’t fit on 975 K!) instead of shelling out NT$5000 or more depending on the model.

There is usually a buyer for EVERYTHING, somewhere! Why not stick it up on the bulletin board here, and maybe put up a few notices (probably in Chinese or both languages might be better, because I think your target market might be students or recent grads). You have nothing ot lose, right?

I have some Taiwan-specific Palm apps I’ve written (nothing spectacular though) if you’re interested.