Old photos tell us so much about who we are now

I was cute too.

You can see an innate glimmer of intelligence in the eyes.
I used to say cute stuff like, “I’m an excellent driver.”

An early pic of me with other mini-cretins from my family. I

I’m the one on the left.

Aww. What a bunch of cuties! :slight_smile:

You sure those aren’t pirate boots MK? :laughing:

Truant, that picture looks so NZ early 70s. I’ve got one just like it, I’ll try and find. Is that your mum in the background. Typical dress of the era too.


Thanks. I think those pimp ass boots and the fly superman shirt had a lot to do with the over all cuteness level of the photo though :slight_smile:.[/quote]


Aww look at all the baby pictures!

What the hell happened you guys? :laughing:

Just kidding. ALL of you look sooo cuuuuuute

Good luck getting an obedient smile out of this imp!


[quote=“Dragonbones”]Good luck getting an obedient smile out of this imp!..
Did you get permission to post those? :laughing:

And she hasn’t changed much!