Old Pictures of Taipei

8:17. My wife said she hated wearing these orange hats as a child. As well as the uniforms posted after that.

Anyway, her seeing this post cheered her up.

Thank you.

Huaxi Street back in the day. Does anyone go there these days, or is it all gone? Haven’t been there for many years.

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Wanted to take my kid there for snake soup. The year we went there, shut down (2012?)

It’s still there. Although the last time I was there was probably 10 years ago.

I remember there weren’t that many people, and there’s only 1 or 2 snake shops still operating. Most people went there for the li̍k-tāu-suàn green bean sweet soup place.

The peak of Taiwan culture. Will never be revisited.

I recently saw one too


Good footage. Haven’t finished it yet, but is it Taroko?

And I suppose the bigger question is, who’s the woman wearing the white hat?

1973 -Sightseeing bus from Taipei city to Beitou hot spring. On the way, you can check Xinbeitou Station

1973 -Presidential Office

Video description :

1981年の台湾観光を記録した8mm film映像です。

So probably the woman is a Japanese tourist or employee from Toa-Travel agency


Thank you much for the translation and updated info.

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Those earthworks on the southern boundary look more like revetments in which aircraft would be parked (there are the traces of taxiways connecting each one directly to the runway). By 1944/5, the US enjoyed air superiority over Taiwan and conducted bombing raids more or less unchallenged by Japanese fighters. For their part, the Japanese air force and navy were concentrating on protecting the aircraft they retained, often dispersing them quite widely from runways in order to minimise damage from bombs, and building revetments like this around existing airfields, while hastily building new fields (some functional, some as dummies) to further frustrate US attempts to destroy their aircraft, many of which were being retained to launch kamikaze raids from from Taiwan in the Battle of Okinawa in spring 1945.


You can visit Kishu An, a historic building on Tongan street close to the riverside park where kamikaze pilots downed their last cup of sake before taking off from that airstrip.


That makes sense. Here’s another picture. This is a recent picture with the original airfield superimposed on it.


Simpler times, no smartphones or computers, next to no screen time (just b/w TV).

And table roller skating!

Those Chinese typing machines, would love to play with one of those.


The skaters and the cabaret dancers look white. If the girl @3:15 time travels to today, she is at least going to be a internet celebrity.

The first song is 台北の夜 by Teresa Teng.