Old Spice Deodorant

Old Spice, High Endurance Original Scent.
When mixed with my sweat it creates a potent aphrodisiac, unfortunately if lacking one of these elements the brew becomes extremely hazardous. Anyone know where to find the secret ingredient?
I’m on the end of the stick I brought with me from the states. Am I alone… or is it particularly difficult to find deodorant in this country period?

Try here. And if they don’t have exactly what you want, contact the boss and they’ll probably be able to get hold of it for you.

Have no trouble finding deodorant in the supermarket. Haven’t seen Old Spice since I was 15 and working in a drug store. Not sure the guys from Queer Eye would approve though.

Old Spice High Endurance is not the same one that your fathers used to use. It is the best deoderant I have ever used by far. I ran out and have been using Speed Stick but it doensn’t protect for as long.

Try it. You will like it. :slight_smile:

eeeeugh stick deodorants? I like my spray!

Pls. do a Search (look for the link at the top right of your screen, 3rd line); type “Old Spice Deodorant”, and select the Where Can I Find…? forum. You’ll find several existing threads on deodorant. BTW, I have ordered from estoretaiwan and was quite pleased with the service; I strongly recommend you buy from that seller, and pass the link on to all your friends. Businesses like this provide a valuable service to us, but they also need our patronage to stay afloat.

Ha Ha Ha you’ve officially gone all weird. Drug store? DRUG STORE? You mean chemist, don’t you? You’ll be drinking soda next! and eating chips instead of crisps!

Sandman, it was SHARE drugstores which got bought out by Boots in the end I think. There was no Pharmaceuticals section so it was a bit of a weird concept. Not really ever sure how to describe them because they weren’t a Chemist so the Americanism seems appropriate…if you have a better solution I would love to use it.

I also liked this brand of underarm flavorer and would like to see it sold here.
As is my wont.

I never saw Old Spice oxter sauce before, but I do like the after shave that used to come in the cream-coloured glass bottle with the red sailing ship logo.

You guys are all my DAD!!!

BTW, in reference to the DRUG STORE/CHEMIST debate, guy walks into the chemist (Shoppers Drug Mart for the Canookians), comes up to the clerk, says “Pardon me, but do you have any Extra Large condoms?”
The wee lass behind the counter doesn’t bat an eye, and says “Sorry, we’re out. Have you tried Boots?”
Fella says “Yeah, but they keep falling off!”

:roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:

Now thats funny! :bravo:

Ya think? How about Rowan Atkinson’s Swedish chemist?

Brit tourist in Sweden: “Yes, hello. I’d like to purchase some deodorant please, my good man.”
Swedish chemist: “Aerosol?”
Brit tourist: “No, no. Strictly armpit, please.”


As is his wont.

He’s got a funny ‘wont’ also.

I’ve seen his wont. But don’t tell his wife about it.

His wont I can handle.
His taint, on the other hand, I think we can do without…

Same chemist, same clerk.
Duck walks in and puts a packet of Durex on the counter.
She says “Do want to put those on your bill?”
The duck just looks at her…

quack qua-mfft!

‘Taint nuthin’ wrong with a little taint. All the best people have 'em.

I know, but it’s the ones with a big taint that worry me…

Blue Stratos is better than Old Spice.