Old Style NT 1,000 notes

Be careful when you accept NT 1,000 notes from anyone. My bank recently gave me 3 old style notes. These are the ones without the metallic strip on the end. Most banks or businesses will not accept them anymore. When I tried to deposit them into another bank, they were rejected. I went back to the issuing bank and complained. When I received a smug shrug of the shoulders, the account got closed. BTW, the bank was HuaNan. Never again. Rude and more but I can’t say that part here.

I had some of these old notes. Someone in my office took me to what I believe was some kind of national/federal bank where I was able to exchange them for the current notes. My Chinese is so bad that I didn’t catch everything that was going on. Heck. I still have Deutche Marks leftover from way back.

Yup, you can still change them at the Bank of Taiwan - or something like that. Their sign is a dark blue or purple. They’ve always been helpful at the two branches I’ve been to. As with everything in Taiwan, a big smile and friendly tone always helps shock them into doing pretty much anything you want after the way these bank tellers get treated by some of their pushy, self-centered customers.

I can verify that. Bank Of Taiwan indeed takes the old notes in and gives you new ones. I did it this past spring. All good. :thumbsup:

Yes, Bank of Taiwan has been tapped by the gov’t to convert all old banknotes. Try converting them anywhere else and your frustration will be deserved.

And Huan Nan does suck…just try their internet banking. I have to go back to Taiwan to change anything, including things they screwed up, even when I show them the correct application forms…

maybe you’re just big noses. i quite like the Hua Nan international currency account and the Hua Nan trading advice that has been making us a fair bit of money.

but i will not be trying to deal with them from off shore, elegua, you’d be right there.

Except that they treat me better than my wife…

They get points for trying hard though…but it’s like beating a dead horse.