Old Toys

I was thinking of some of the toys I had as a kid and was wondering what you guys had.
For starters, I had a really cool robot that ran on batteries. This was probably around 1963 or something. I can’t remember exactly what it looked like, but here is a very cool Web site for this:
Robot toys!

stuff animals, paper dolls (TW) and that was it, my parent were pretty stingy about buying toys for us. :unamused:

Tonka. “Unbreakable” my arse.

I had a big ol’ firgidare box, a ball of string, two spoons, half a frisbee, black and white chess peices missing the black bishop, white rook and a few pawns of both colors, a flat football and a bent needle that still worked and allowed me to fill up the ball, but only after a thirty minute walk to use the air hose at the Union 76 near the junction of Central Ave. and Coors blvd. I played quaterback and reciever in the front yard during half time of Sunday games, dodging defending tumble weeds on my way to the end zone.


I got one of these for my 10th birthday.

But what I really wanted was a Raleigh Chopper.
Anyone remember Bilofix?

I wasn’t into toys much once I discovered how much I loved books, but I did have a good time with my Big Wheel. Kind of like a tricycle but low to the ground.

I once found a dead chicken and pretended it was my baby doll. I laid a board up against a tree and cradled it and sang to it.

My little sister and I used to take the steak knives and cut a slit in the throats of our My Little Ponies so their heads could turn 360 degrees and be popped off and placed on the body of another My Little Pony. My sister and I shared our Ponies and the three or four Barbies we had among the two of us (including the Kowalski twins, one of whom had her blonde hair chopped off and colored orange or brown with a crayola marker…a precursor for when I would dye my hair as an adult).

We were pretty poor when I was growing up, so we had to be creative. I built a little cabin for our Ponies in our backyard with some twigs, old strips of tree bark, and grass. They used to eat cheerios (donuts) and slimeberries (those red yew berries, I guess, that have a thick, mucus-like slime when you squish them) and white bread squished into a little square and lived in old cardboard boxes with shuttered windows and doors cut out of them and decorated with magazine cutouts for posters and my old weaving projects as throw rugs. We also had She-Ra, but since my sister and I were close in age (and fought a lot over toys), we both got a She-Ra. We made them identical twins; one was Adora (She-ra’s alter ego) and one was Sheila. I also had a Heathcliff (the other orange cat of the 80’s) stuffed animal when I was 4, but I named him Osbert. Don’t ask me where I got the name.


i still have loads of it in my parents garage - i’ll bring it back next time i go back to Aus

If you do, could I come over and play? I could make some kick-ass trucks with my old legos (still in my bedroom back home, and I still get them out sometimes when I visit). I don’t mind playing with the ones at my school, but I never have time to since they expect me to teach. :wink:

I spent hours playing with Johnny West, Geronimo, General Custer et al. I also had Big Jim with the Kung-Fu Grip, and his camper van. BTW, they weren’t dolls, they were action figures, goddammit!

Johnny West

General Custer

I still play with my toys I had as a kid (D&D) :blush:

I play with boy toys, does that count?! :wink:

Legos and record players

I loved lego and we also had an old wooden chest of mechano construction toys that belonged to my father when he was young. I lost the pieces all over the farm and drove my father nuts.
He also used to let us use his woodwork shed to make little cars and trucks from pieces of wood lying around. We once took a broom handle and stuck it into the ground, tied all the bedsheets to the top, but then couldn’t figure out how to get the sheets to act like a tent. Eventually hammered them into the grass with nails. Boy, do I ever remember that day!
And I still sleep with my old teddy bear.

i miss my Lego heaps (yeah ImaniOU, you can come over and play after i bring my bag of Lego back :wink: )
But my new toys certainly make up for my loss…
pic of toys on desk
my current fad is called Stikfas, i just can’t get enough of them! :smiley:

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My favs were:

Lego , especially the Space Program

Play-Big (discontinued) (similar to Playmobil )

Darda Cars

Electric train (Maerklin of course)

Later I went into more technical stuff, like remote controlled models (not toys) which you need to assemble yourself.
Well, still keep this hobby up, my latest addition is a Tamiya Truck with sound and light function, all remote controlled of course.
And one day I will get that helicopter!
I still keep some Legos, in particular the really old space(ship) stuff, kind of collectors items I rekon but gave away or sold most of the other toys (including the electric train).

Come on you guy!
Look at this site to refresh your memory:
Remember these?
Here are just a few that I had:
Whammo Slip ‘n’ Slide: boys and girls slide on plastic strip wetted down with lawn hose
Whammo Water Wiggle: summer hose toys for getting wet
Duncan yo-yo (Remember when the yo-yo experts used to come to your school or local “mall”? You thought it was the best closest thing to running away and joining the circus.)

Seen a week or two ago in Hsintien: RC plane & chopper in mid-air collision. Quite a spectacular fireball followed by a gentle rain of burned plastic. One owner (a grown man) was weeping and the other was in fighting mode. How much do those things cost? They were pretty large models – the chopper’s fuselage was about 3 feet long.

[quote=“from Wolf’s link”]6) WITCH DR. HEAD SHRINKERS KIT: bizarre commercial―African natives dancing, then heads are shrunk, kids mix and make plastic model heads that actually shrink―comes with mixing cauldron and petrifying potion―add monster hair―“now shrunken heads for all occasions”―“give them to your witch doctor friends”―racist and imperialistic―PRESSMAN
Why couldn’t I have had a toy like this?