Olympic Basketball: Team USA vs. China - Round 1

Is going on live right now. Is it being shown on TV in Taipei right now? I can’t find the station that is broadcasting it. This is going to one of the most watched basketball games in history. It is projected to have 1 billion viewers worldwide.

I can’t possibly imagine it is not being broadcasted in Taipei. Does anyone know which station it is being played on?

I can’t believe it. Today, the media is calling it the most anticipated and watched basketball game in history and not one Taiwanese channel had it on…idiots.

They did however, have Great Brittan vs, France womens’ archery on…that was almost as exciting.

I saw that game this morning already. Well, the first half–had to go to work after that.

*Edit–I realized that the time of you first post was about “this morning” my time. Sorry. Anyway, it was actually pretty good–very fast paced.

Yesterday i was surfing around looking for coverage. On channel 72 , one of the Taiwanese sports channels, they were playing a rerun of the world cup qualifier baseball game from 4 or 5 months ago. Unbelievable!!

You get used to it.

Just checked it out and…Day 3: volleyball and archery
Just like Day 1 and Day 2.

[quote=“MikeN”]Just checked it out and…Day 3: volleyball and archery
Just like Day 1 and Day 2.[/quote]

Women’s beach volleyball … who’s complaining?

If only they looked like this in real life.

Yea, I just can’t believe it either. Sigh, oh well. It’s so strange to me because they have a huge following of NBA fans in Taiwan. They also covered all of the USA exhibition matches leading to the Olympics.

Maybe China banned Taiwan from covering basketball in the olympics? (But allowed archery?!)

Nah … probably just economics. Basketball coverage must be much more exp. than archery so the cheapskates went with the cheapest option(s).

So, does anyone have any links to a site that might be showing sports live? Or even clips? I tried NBC.com (the network it’s being shown on in the states) and they won’t let me watch.

It might be economics, however I was thinking they’d profit from showing the game as it was one of the most watched basketball games in history and taiwan having a huge following for basketball they could sell advertising at a high price to generate a nice profit. hmmm… Oh well, I just think they made a huge mistake on so many levels!

I get Mandarin-language (sigh) coverage on Ch. 6, right next to ESPN.

Regarding the expense of coverage, I don’t think the Olympics is sold as a sport-by-sport, a la carte package. A network buys the whole package or nothing. I think Taiwan just has a bizarre way of deciding what its viewership wants to watch.

I didn’t mind seeing a 55 kg Vietnamese weightlifter almost breaking his back on the clean and jerk…

I meant, right next to CNN, on Ch. 5…

I’ve noticed coverage on channel 8 and 10 in Taipei.

channels 6 ,8 , 10, 12 all have some olympics. They cover sports in which Taiwan has athletes competing which is very understandable and expected. However, I think what people were complaining about was that they did not cover the usa vs. China basketball game, which was approximated to have been the most watched basketball game in history with about 1 billion viewers. Instead, they did a replay of the archery from 10pm - 12am at that time. It just seemed very strange, unreasonable, and no one seems to understand why. hehe

I have been searching all over for places to watch the olympics in Taiwan, I have finally found one. If you are a subscriber to hinet cable service you can view all of the events online! hichannel.hinet.net/2008olympic/channel_3.html They appear to have 2 channels for most of the sports – one with commentary and one with commentary in Chinese.

I hope this is helpful to at least some of you who are wanting to watch the events you want to watch.