Olympic Weightlifting

Hello all,

I’ve recently moved to Taipei, and as a top priority I’m trying to find a place to practice Olympic weightlifting (lifting platforms, bumper plates, freedom to drop weight, etc.)

I’m sure there must be somewhere in the city to practice such things… Also, along similar lines, I would love to find somewhere to practice some of the throwing sports - though this might be slightly less likely.

Thanks for any help!

Likely not gonna happen.

The only possible place to do Oly lifting would be some of the universities but from what I’ve seen, most of their private gyms for use by their sport teams aren’t set up for it either. Not one commercial gym that I’ve seen has proper Oly bumpers and a platform because almost no one here Oly lifts.

My little place has proper solid rubber training bumpers for Oly lifting but i don’t have a platform and there’s no way you can drop the weights in my place.

My experience here tells me almost no one realizes there’s a difference between an iron Oly plate, a rubber coated Oly plate that only keeps the weights from clanging together, and a full rubber bumper for Oly lifting. When you ask if they have Oly plates, the answer is always yes because they have the iron ones.

BTW, if you want a set of Oly bumpers for yourself, let me know. I can special order them.