Olympics Live on TV in Taiwan or Other Options?

Any idea if the Olympics in August 08 will be seen live or delayed or at all on Taiwan television? Are there other options? Perhaps use the set-top box to get extra channels?

Seems Taiwan TV/media has little or no coverage of international events so not expecting much…

beats going there.

can you imagine the shitfight with all the counterfeit tickets in circulation?

I’m with you: any one have an idea on the local TV franchise? I’m guessing that TVBS has the right connections in place to get the feed, but zip interest in showing it, despite the fact that it’s good pro-China fill. Mind you, can you imagine the ‘patriotic’ commentary? the cameras focusing on the last place runner or swimmer cause she’s the big China hope? the exclusion of all sports except table tennis, badminton, diving, gymnastics and perhaps archery.

I would not hold my breath: AFAIK, there have not been any channels picking up the broacast baton for previous O’lymprics. I’ll have to check out what’s on offer from the digital set-top box people.

How much, if any, of the Olympics will be on local TV? What channels? Live or taped? Is there a listing?

Where else in Taipei to watch like sports pubs, restaurants, Uncle Binlang’s scooter repair shop, etc.???

Time to bring this up again since we are 4 days away…

MOD will broadcast the whole kit and kaboole -they set apart a whole setting for it, in hi-def.

I hope that at least we will get to see the opening ceremonies without much interruptions for BED WORLD (half-naked Taiwanese lady with blonde wig), pan jia, yao Xien Jie (laoban singing horribly), and shark loan ads, IF CNN broadcasta it -heaven forbid listening to local commentary- I’d rather not watch it at all.

I was about to set the recorder for the opening ceremonies -I’ll be at work at that time. Which local channel would be my best choice? Really, I have CNN as my last choice, as I am sure there will be plenty of interruptions for the illegal local ads.

I was thinking one of the sports channels should do it, but which? rats, checking the Chinese cable guide does not help much.


So far, found this on the Net:

Four television stations in Taiwan will broadcast live
coverage of the opening and closing ceremonies of the
Beijing Olympics.(CCTV.com)


ETTV and CTI, so far, but dunno if newschannel or normal

The Beijing Olympics opening ceremony will be on at the Tavern at 8 o’clock this evening. I imagine other pubs will be showing it, too. Saints and Sinners? JB’s? Who knows?

A big group of Taiwanese aborigines will perform at the ceremony.