Olympics on local cable or internet

Where are you guys getting Olympic coverage from? So far I’ve only seen glimpses on channel 6 and 8 in Tainan, but nothing on the four “sports” channels. Usually the coverage is also at a time when I’m at work or after 2am in the morning, and I’ve seen nothing of daily highlights.

I’ve gotten some coverage and highlights from this site: sascoc.co.za/

I always use justin.tv/ for any football I want to watch but they have any amount of streams for all kinds of sports.

Or you could try livefooty.doctor-serv.com/ it’s a football site but if you scroll down the page they always have links to streams for the olympics.

You have to give it a good chance to buffer … be patient.

You need to be patient with justin.tv. The good channels are usually locked up pretty quick on request of the rights owners. And then most of them are in Spanish. The site seems to be quite popular in South America.

It’s carried intermittently on 6, 8, 10 and 12 on our cable in Xindian.

6,8,10 and 12 are the free to air channels that are duplicated on cable. all have Olympics coverage, and all suck. no highlights package, no broad coverage, and only sporadic cove. often a long game (like a volleyball or handball game) is followed immediately by a repeat of the same game! and the only sports i have seen so far are badminton, volleyball, handball (why? is that even played here?), table tennis, baseball, diving, and tennis, with one morning of swimming. no canoes, no sailing, no horses, no fencing, no wrestling, no field, no track cycling, no BMX, no road cycling…

internet companies have had to sign agreements with the IOC that they will only broadcast to IPs in the same country, so no legal English language services are available here. Justin.tv uses proxies to ‘divert’ otherwise legal feeds that then get closed down often.

Yes, try this-it’s all in Chinese though.
Includes a highlights package.
There is no commentary, they just show the pictures from the international feed.