Olympics on TV/Cable/MOD?

Are the Olympics going to be shown on any of the Taiwan TV/Cable/MOD channels?

ELTA, channel 170 on MOD, has the rings alongside their logo now. I assume this to mean they will be broadcasting olympic events.

Thanks – I just checked and saw that they had events listed on their TV schedule page.

Anywhere in Taipei that would be good to watch some events live? Like a good sports bar or something?

There’s always ‘The Tavern’ near the World Trade Center.

damn, cant find a channel thats showing the opening ceremony. any places we can stream these events?

Not sure if it will continue, but last night MOD had about 10-15 ELTA channels with the Olympic logo rings showing. Starting around 170 up. Haven’t checked yet today to see if they are still there.

bbTV has 4 channels especially for the Olympics (if you have an HD package)–409, 410, 411, and 412. The first three are showing the Opening Ceremonies, and the fourth has been showing soccer this morning.

The opening ceremony is on Saturday, London time. I’m sure ELTA will be covering it.

EDIT: Sorry - that was Friday London time – Saturday in Taiwan.

They showed the opening ceremony on MOD 170 this morning. Pretty awesome.

Kbro has four channels dedicated to the Olympics in HD, channel 212 to 215.

I watched the opening ceremony this morning and I noticed a white dude in the Taiwanese contingent. Don’t know if he was a coach or athlete, would be interesting to find out who he is and his background story.

I have the BBC with 24 HD channels dedicated for the Olympics. But MOD ELTA also has a 3D HD channel too.

Dr Spock competing in Olympic Judo later this afternoon.

You can try these official websites for Taiwan [button]scroll down for TPE,http://www.olympic.org/content/broadcaster-home/#asia[/button]

I am using the third link for hichannel. downside: it seems to only work on IE, not firefox (downloaded latest version of firefox - but not working)

English version available with icons for different sports [button]click here,http://sports.hinet.net/2012olympic/schedule.html[/button] works on my mac

replays available [button]an example,http://hichannel.hinet.net/2012olympic/Olympic_Vod.html?page=2&v=vod_1[/button]