Oma Ursel's German Restaurant & Bakery


Get ready for Oktoberfest:

When: 23.09.- 02.10.2011

Where: Oma Ursel
No. 8, Lane 10, Yungkang Street, Taipei 106
Tel.: +886-2-2392 2447

Real Bavarian… Germans :smiley:


Last year they had an Oktoberfest one weekend in Wenzhou Park, right next to Goethe Gausthaus. They had some performances, food, beer, some vendors selling German stuff, etc. I thought it was a pretty nice event. It was just two days though, not a whole week, so dunno if the one above is meant to be the same sort of thing. I suppose I’ll hear the music if it is, so I can report back in a few days…


Just to let you guys know that you can order a pretty nice New Year´s menu from Oma Ursel. Warning: hope you have a large fridge…

German sausage and steak with dried fruit and large farmer’s bread
Sautéed scallops and rice
Spicy roasted beer pig’s knucke and sauerkraut
Pork and pickles stew
Bavarian Spice Roasted Whole Chicken
Rosemary white wine stewed lamb

Whole 6 piece meal on sale for 3999 NTD. Limited time.

You can check out the bread stuff here:


Thank you! Too bad I won’t be here CNY…

PS: Great to see you join Gravedigging Monday :joy:


Could I get more Pork with that ?


It is Year of The Pig. Of course you can!