OMG please help. PS3 to latop shared connection through VPN?!

Ok. So I just moved here from the US. Brought my PS3 with me. Currently I’m running Hidemyass VPN software on my laptop to change my IP address to a US one. I watch Netflix on my laptop no problem.
Now… On my PS3. I have no idea how to run a shared Internet connection with my laptop so I can watch Netflix on my PS3. More importantly, I can’t connect to any Call of Duty online gaming! I bought an ethernet cable and hooked it up to my laptop to try and share the VPN connection. If tried everything! Been trying for hours now! Omg fail. Can someone help me out. I’m running Windows 8 and have Chuwugwa DSL high speed Internet. Spelling?? Lol. I would seriously pay someone to come figure this out for me. And give you snacks. And beer. And my wife will massage you. Please help.

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What operating system are you running?

I share a VPN connection with multiple devices, and I’ve found the best way is have a router running as the connected device, then everything connected to the router uses the VPN.

EDIT: Link deleted because I’m not sure that the router I linked to can run as a VPN client.

Thank you for the reply. They provided me with a modem and D-Link 2200 wifi router when they installed everything. When I go into the router settings via have acces to all the routers settings and functions. But EVERYTHING is in Chinese. Lol. I have no idea what to do. Right now on my laptop all I do is start the HideMyAss software that I purchased and it automatically changes my IP address to a USA address. So thats why I have no issue playing netflix through my laptop. I would love to have everything including my PS3 routed through a VPN router. But have no idea how to program the router to do so?? Can you help? Like I said I can access my D-Link router settings but its all in chinese. Help. Lol

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What OS is your laptop running?

Windows 8

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Sorry, I just re-read you OP and see that you already said win8.

It seems that it’s a whole lot more trouble to share an internet connection in win8 than it used to be.

Can you connect your laptop to the D-Link 2200 via ethernet?
If so, you could try following this and turn the laptop into a wireless access point, then connect the ps3 to your laptop via wifi.

Although, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to connect the laptop to the router via wifi, and then connect the ps3 to the laptop via cable. It’s an outside shot, but maybe the ethernet cable needs to be crossed(?).

Gonna try this today. Thanks for the help. I tried to plug my laptop via Ethernet cable directly into the modem and no connection? But I do get a connection when I plug it onto the router port. Is there a place in Taipei I can buy a router with VPN capabilities?? My D-Link Dir-2200 I don’t think is a capable VPN router. But honestly I have no idea because its all Chinese. lol

I have an Asus RT-N16, which supports VPN client on the stock firmware. In my above post I linked to another Asus router, as I assumed that because mine does, all Asus routers would all run as a VPN client, but it seems I was mistaken.

For DD-WRT compatible routers, you can see their list detailing what routers are supported here:
Sorry, I can’t recommend a place in Taipei to buy. However, any of the big 3C shops will sell D-Link, TP-Link, Asus etc. Buying a DD-WRT compatible one won’t be a problem.

FWIW: I tried the RT-N16 on both DD-WRT and Tomato USB. The Wifi speeds were fastest on the Asus FW, so that’s what it’s running now. On the newer versions of Asus FW it’s rock solid in terms of stability.

Wow. Perfect. Thank you

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