OMG!!!! The Polar Ice is .... NOT melting? WTF?


Doesn’t that make them your puppets?


After consulting my lawyer, I’ll neither confirm nor deny this statement


That’s Obama talk! :scream:


Dat’s racist, check your privilege

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That’s two cats playing chess in this forum in the last 24 hours


OK, that was in 2015. There must have been a lot of reactions to that.

Let’s see the fake news:


Just a reminder, while we argue about the size of this or that ice sheet in any given year, the whole planet is constantly being poisoned.

It’s not just tap water btw, but well water too.


Mooney was born in Mesa, Arizona, and grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana.[2][3] Both of his parents were college English professors. He attended Isidore Newman School before entering Yale University, where he graduated with a B.A. in English in 1999. His interest in science, and especially biology and the impact of Charles Darwin, was strongly influenced by his grandfather Gerald A. Cole, a biologist at Arizona State University and author of Textbook of Limnology, a noted book in the field.[4] Mooney is the oldest of three siblings: his sister Kate Mooney is a freelance writer[5] and his brother Davy Mooney is a jazz guitarist.[6]

I would love to be able to allow Mr. Mooney’s article to support your argument but given that he is not a climate scientist, he does not have the right to have an opinion on this forum. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. This has been argued so many times before. Maybe he can describe his feelings better because of his English major but commenting about climate science, well, that is far too serious of a subject for mere amateurs… Bye bye.


James Taylor and the Spark of Freedom Foundation, those are the sources you trust?


The source of the first post is Nasa, I consider them fairly reliable.


Good thing the rules don’t apply to fred smith, innit? Otherwise these threads would be a lot shorter.


NASA is even more reliable, check them out.


N.A.s.a. is the mostest l33t though.


I think the source of the first post is James Taylor. What sources he used for his piece and what data he included and excluded is a whole different matter. Is he tied to and financed by the fossil fuel industry, that would be my first question when reading an article like that.


Look at that smile. He couldn’t possibly be! :slight_smile:





“It is tempting to say that the record low we are seeing this year is global warming finally catching up with Antarctica,” Meier said. “However, this might just be an extreme case of pushing the envelope of year-to-year variability. We’ll need to have several more years of data to be able to say there has been a significant change in the trend.”

NASA scientists are climate change deniers: CONFIRMED


Arctic: Going down
Antarctic: Going up

Arctic + Antarctic: Going down

Last few years:
Antarctic: Going down too (too early to say it’s related to climate change)

I don’t really see the controversy. There are trends measured. Let’s figure out what the reasons for these trends are.


Of course this year of 1979 as the base for normal. Care to explain and why the weather in 1979 was ideal? Or is it less about ideal and more about convenience in its ideal form? And why does your little friend get to write about climate change when he is not a climate scientist? I ask because those with advanced degrees in meteorology were incapable of doing so hmmmmm…