On depression medication?

I am being prescribed meds in Canada for ADD and depression. Is this going to be frowned upon by my employer? Has anyone had any problems that they can share. My employers will find out through my medical test because the med for ADD is an amphetamine.
I’m really nervous about getting there and then being fired. Any info would be great.
THanks for your time.

How would they find out ? I’ve never been asked. Or your employers ask for a medical test ?

MathewH. I guess what’s being referred to is not so much the anti-depressants but the speed being used for the ADD. That will indeed show up in the compulsory health test.


I certainly don’t know but I’d imagine that if you warned the hospital staff before you commenced the medical exam and showed a prespcription it should be ok. Perhaps check with your local ROC embassy.

As an aside I’d check that whatever anti-depressant you are taking is available here. There seem to be some medications that for some reason aren’t available here - Zyban, also an anti-depressant, but mostly used for stopping smoking for example.


Huang: Wellbutrin the anti-depressant (aka Zyban) was launched this year. Zyban (indicated for smoking cessation) will officially launch year end or early next year.

You need to bring proof of your prescription from your home country here, then tell the doctor when you get your health test you are taking medicine for ADD. The health check itself does not contain info that you have ADD, but I would play down any mental health problems to the hospital where you get your health check. After you get your health check and are cleared, you can take advantage of Taiwan’s wonderful health insurance system. Take your home country prescription to a hospital and they will set you up with what you need.

Cheers Little Bird.

Actually I ended up getting some in Thailand last Chinese New Year. Despite the lengths I went to getting it I ended up not using it an am currently going cold turkey.



I had a Paxil prescription when I came here, but never had it filled. It turned out that moving here was what I needed to exocize the demons. ADD sounds like something that is more physiological than depression. Is that so? I am curious about the condition because someone said I might have it. Now I’m faced with wondering if there is some treatment to help me boost my concentration level and what that would do to improve my performace.
What are the sypmptoms?

Depression too is physiological.

Still open to debate, though the neurophysiologists seem to have gotten the upper hand on that one with the aid of some financial clout from the pharmaceutical companies.


The whole science of pill subcription is a crock of BS :x . People make LOTS of money having people on meds. If you asked me, most mental problems are an effect of living in such a BS world.

Don’t listen to quacked out doctors. Do your own research and find out what’s really going on with whatever they diagnose you as and what medication they subscribe to you.

I spent many years living with a person that had (and still has) serious mental problems. Doctors are very quick to over medicate and leave you that why if you don’t complain (if it aint broke, don’t fix it. Right?)

Plus, being on meds affects your brain in ways NO ONE understands. If you can avoid being on meds using some alternative ways to keep to life balanced I’d recommend it.

Read about how other countries treat the mentally ill. You US haters can tag this on your list of reason why you hate the US. It just seems like another form of control to me.

(yes, I have strong feelings about this)

Note - Some people do have really bad mental health problems. Unfortunately medication is the only option they have because of how hospitals and such are setup now. I believe even really bad health problems can be cleared (or “controlled”) with out medication. Very light problems probably just need a (minor or major) lifestyle adjustment (food, social, etc.)

Disclaimer: I’m no doctor. Keep taking your meds, because some really messed up things can happen if you just stop (I’ve seen them them :shock: ) Just know that there are alternitives.

Still open to debate, though the neurophysiologists seem to have gotten the upper hand on that one with the aid of some financial clout from the pharmaceutical companies.

I didn’t read that before I posted. Exactly!

. . . but having said that . . .

I do believe there are times when medication is the answer. Amongst my jack-of-all-trades (and truly a master of none!) life experience I was for a quite a long time a psychiatric nurse. When I commenced my training it was still held that counselling could be of assistance for even the most severe of mental illness. Many years later, and in need of a buck, I went back into it and was appalled to find that the counselling element had fallen well away and the answers were all pharmocentric.

In regards the original post. I would find out if the meds you are taking are available in Taiwan. As someone else suggested though, the very act of leaving your current situation may ultimately mean you lessen the need for them. I sincerely hope so. But nonethless, do know that they are available and that there are other support networks available.


This kind of med?

EVERYONE loves that kind of med

Newgirl: Since you live in Canada, have a look at this Toronto-based web site: Primalworks. I got a lot of benefit from this kind of therapy (primal integration), by which I mean that the frequency of serious bouts of depression for me was cut from once or twice a year to once every ten years or more. Of course, age may be another factor in this. Touch wood, my last bout of serious (i.e. suicidal) depression requiring medication was 14 years ago. My ex-wife is doing the same therapy at the same place I did it (in London). Since she’s kept doing it for a long time, I guess it has also helped her with whatever it is she needs to deal with.

Here’s a related web site based in west Canada: The Primal Center in British Columbia

Too bad this kind of therapy is not available in Taiwan.