On free speech and punching.


You have obviously not heard of the Orange parade, a totally in your face parade and they must march through the most demographically occupied space by the Catholics.


yea, that is how ‘the troubles’ kicked off, pretty much, doesnt look like a lot of fun either


Where is the pIRA when you need it? I’m guessing the Catholics hold similar in Unionist parts of town? Why is London intent in keeping NI?


What makes you think they are? Afaik, and throughout my lifetime there has always been a clear majority of people within NI that want to remain part of the UK.


that is where the PIRA came from, they emerged from the conflict that started with insults, escalated to punches, then stones, then bullets. and yes there is a clear majority that want to stay in the UK


Well, there ya go. Majority rules then. I always thought Ireland should be for the Irish, but, whatever.

Brexit will make life really interesting there then.


If you let insults fly long enough, “discussions” will eventually esculated to fisticuffs and then more advanced weapons.


There was a documentary about an artist who went around asking different communities (obese women etc.) how they saw themselves so that he could make artworks to represent them all as parts of the fabric of modern Britishness…

When he got to a Unionist group in NI and asked them about their identity, he was puzzled by what he perceived as their hyper-Britishness, so the picture he came up with was an absurd caricature of a knight on horseback with a “Britain is best” banner. When they went to see it at the opening of his big exhibition, they basically told him he was at best an extremely offensive and unfunny clown, if not a traitor.

I don’t recall the name.


its this

really cool series


You could say they were “more British than British”?

Anglo-arrogance, I thought it was limited to UKIP.

Like Quebecers are “more French than the French”!


JB, do you notice you stir hate, like all the time? You don’t know anything about Northern Ireland, you didn’t know until 5 minutes ago the majority want to be a part of the UK. Why not stick to causes and issues you are familiar with and know something about?


Buddy don’t seem to know Jacques Merde (see what I did there?) about Quebec either.
Go to Quebec and call someone “French” and you’re likely to end up with a busted jaw, or at least a Cinquante busted across your head.
They pretty much refer to themselves as Quebecois, or Canadians
And it’s pretty well known that the only group people in France loathe and despise worse than English speakers are French speakers from Quebec


Don’t know the first thing about Quebec, but Northern Ireland I do, good people that have been through the wringer, why should I sit around and listen to JB’s ignorant rantings 5 minutes after its shown he knows nothing about the place just because he wants to make some snide statements.


@Rocket, @Mick I was referring to @yyy ‘s VDO. Nothing more. Don’t play victim.

The UKIP comment stands as members of the party have spoken about UK superiority in relation to the EU. Don’t try to be coy, if you have followed the news from the UK in the past 24 months you know exactly what I am talking about.

Reculer, mon petit castor! The Quebec comment comes from Quebecois writer Mordecai Richler’s book “Oh Canada, Oh Quebec” where in he derides the language bill 101, among other things that is peculiar to the province and their independence movement. It was actually a paraphrase on his words. I forgot the exact quote. Having been to both France and Quebec, I don’t recall stop signs in La Belle France having the words “Arret” written on them.



How pathetic, small minded open headed rely,

You don’t even realize when you upset a community, because you think you are so important, You are not important, you are not even significant, get used to it.


Thank you.


Playing the victim cuts both ways.

But in the end, what really matters is power. If you have the power to enforce your point of view, your complaints are called “a call for justice.” If not, the term “pathetic cry-baby whining” is applied.

That is the one and only difference between these two things. Everyone’s a victim until he gets the upper hand. Then he’s the oppressor. (Equality in practice is nothing more or less than a level playing field and no referees. A rather brutal business, but then so is inequality. All men are brutes.)

(More to the topic: you can say to someone “shut the hell up or I’ll strangle you with your own intestines,” but if you haven’t got what it takes to follow through, that’s a hollow threat. This is free speech: when no one dares to try to shut you up.)


I wonder what all women are. :ponder:




An interesting article about a ridiculous interview and a disturbing trend.

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