On free speech and punching.


So you’re saying we are lobsters?

He’s one of the best story tellers and can tangle a bunch of complicated ideas and information into a very simple way anyone can understand.

A shorter videos where he just trips her up in her own interview where literally she twists his words into something he never said. Scarecrow after scarecrow.

Also she claims to have to have security now because people are saying mean things to her online. They mostly consist of people saying how idiotic she is, which is pretty accurate of how she conducted the interview.

She’s one of those I ask about in this thread


So you’re saying concentration camps were a good thing?


Look at this article the independent wrote…


I had a look at her Twitter (the girl who wrote the article); I can now see the issue in the universal suffrage. Maybe Saudi Arabia & friends aren’t completely wrong.


He replied, “I’m a clinical psychologist”, with the cool calm of a cartoon villain.

In #MeMeMe land men are to be seen and not heard.


She’s being painted as a martyr of the patriarchy. When she conducted one of the worst interviews of all time. Peterson just calmly allowed her to just make herself look stupid and eventually just went in for the kill. Gotcha. There are very few people that can go into a interview and make someone realize and almost admit how wrong they are.

Peterson is one the few people that I listen to and can really come to terms when I’m completely wrong and change my mind. He doesn’t make you feel stupid, he basically gives you that your idea isn’t stupid and there’s reasons why you believe it. But he breaks it down for you and brings you into the light without embarrassing you like he’s so smart and you’re so dumb. He walks you into changin your idea and allow you to come into it. He’s also just a overall really intelligent and interesting guy. Not the boring academic, he always makes you interested.


Make sure to watch his series about the Bible!


Sounds interesting.


I couldn’t read more than a few paragraphs or I might puke on the train.

“What a terrible indictment of the times we live in.”

What were the better times exactly?


Even though it appears Dr Peterson received more threats.

The independent article is shameful, it makes it seem like Peterson is a complete misogynistic person and does the thing Newman does twisting Dr. Peterson’s stance and words.

But is Cathy Newman just trying to purposely keep using the scarecrow arguement and trying to basically frustrate him or is she really that dense and can’t comprehend Dr. Peterson. I’m not familiar with her, but the entire interview was literally Her twisting and saying something completely different from What dr. Peterson just said. It was ridiculous, how many times did she say “so you’re saying”. I can’t believe how calm Peterson was and was able to just defend his position because scarecrow arguements are incredibly hard and annoying to defend if you aren’t extremely careful with every word you use and have the ability to explain everything in detail.

He just published a book and I’m going to pick it up after seeing that video. I’ve watch many of his videos before, his breakdown of history and the Nazis is really interesting. But I can’t remember ever seeing someone just drop that gotcha moment on someone when getting drilled in an interview.


I really like his videos on history. Especially on Stalin and Hitler.


The original video

I challenge @Rockefeller to watch it and tell me what you think since we had a debate about it. I’ve watched and actually read the articles you sent me. I think it’s good to try to see why me and other much smarter people don’t believe there is a gender wage gap based solely on gender and a patriarchy society.


Another excellent interview with Peterson, part postmortem of the Channel 4 interview, part discussion of his ideas and new book, this time done by an interviewer with actual integrity:


By far one of my favorite videos on the internet…

A short recap of her performance in the interview…


Pretty gripping stuff! I never really heard him talk before. He has a very lucid and expressive manner of speaking. Seriously amazing memory too. This has been a very dense forty minutes of speech without a break or a look at anything


He goes from political and historical talks

To using Disney movies using archetypes of stories to explain things. He’s truly just so incredibly interesting to listen to.


Well first, I didn’t consider that a debate. Second, I’m sure I’ve made it abundantly clear I don’t like big-issue discussions that creates no tangible outcome in society-at-large.

But I am curious - Where do you realistically see the future going? Irony-free. Not where you hope or wish it’ll go, but what direction you realistically see the tide is turning towards. That guy, good for him. But he won’t be around long. Not to say he doesn’t have the right to personal opinions because he absolutely does. Just saying past a certain point, most people become less and less relevant.

The young tiki torch guys definitely exist (and we have too many of them), but they are in the tiny, tiny, puny minority in terms of the make up of young voters (18-24).

Anyway, I encourage you to go out there and do more for what you believe in, instead of talking in circles (which can be helpful too, but is not truly meaningful without action).

I saw and met a lot of active participants last Saturday:

Get out there and vote.


That guy…Dr. Peterson is a well respected clinical psychologist and a professor. He has published multiple books that’s on The NY Times best seller and has hundreds of hours of videos of lessons and has been in in countless interviews. He’s also spoke in front of the Canadian senate hearing for free speech…

What does this have to do with tiki tourch guys…

It seems you still have zero clue on wtf you’re talking about.


Having an orange-haired village idiot to vote for actually makes voting fun again. It’s hard to believe the machine will lose to him twice though, which will make voting little more than the exercise in legitimizing the regime it’s always been.

Voting with one’s feet is, as always, the only vote that really counts.


What it means is that there are people with different opinions. Good for those people for having them.

Ha. Ok.