On free speech and punching.


The guy that says don’t project and look for an argument lol…oh and my favorite thing he says “as long as you’re informed!” And doesn’t even bother finding out who Peterson is a calls insane. Can’t make a statement worth his weight.


It’s a way to save time. Saying;“Peterson isn’t completely insane but whatever” is quicker than:“Well shit, he’s making some good points that I cannot reasonably refute since they’re backed by solid data. That sounds a bit problematic for my narrative, so I’ll just dismiss him and hop on my current year high horse”.

That took waaay too long to write.


I’ll let @Mick and @tempogain verify for the record which mod temped that thread.

Btw Andrew did you notice how this

Then don’t respond. You replied 2x to me. Even dropped a picture so your words say I’m not interested but you keep coming back.

makes an interesting juxtaposition with your situation where you keep letting someone back into your life even though you can’t stand her? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



More interview madness. “How dare you deny that what I want to believe you said is what you said! And about a woman! We’re done.” Sad.


Wow…just wow.


Gotta love Bill Burr


He would give John McCain slightly more credit than I would.

(For me, there are more gradations than just hero and not-hero.)


Yeah, no sacred cows with him…


Bad Touch Biden white knights like no other…

And you know #MeToo is a fraud when it invites someone like him to speak there. Did he keep his hands to himself while he was there?


I’m surprised no one is talking about the guy in the UK who got sentenced to jail for a joke.


Which one?



Guilty of hate crime, faces jail time. Sentence in April


I think , even though I enjoy freedom to offend, that he overstepped the mark with reference to 'gas the Jews". I think that is too much but have no issue with the salute part as a parody?joke.
The Law has not changed , but interpretation has. Borat was just as offensive to a larger audience but was not jailed.
I think the irritation from the some in the UK, is that there are examples of very extreme videos, promoting even worse ideals, which have not resulted in prosecution.
No TG, I am not going to post examples.


But who decides what is and isn’t over the line? This guy’s obviously a dick, but unless he was really in a position to call for gassing Jewish people or was legitimately telling people to work on it, all he is is a pathetic attention seeker. Deserves to be mocked and derided perhaps, but not arrested.


this. If you don’t like the joke, call him an ass. Sending him to jail is bollocks, he’d have been better off joining one of the rape gangs that have recently become trendy in the UK.


Apparently, pug abuse is a much more serious crime than sexual abuse of young girls.


It’s funny because it’s true, but it’s also sad because it’s true.

I’d try to express my feelings but that’s probably an hate crime in the UK. I don’t want to give up the opportunity to go there and enjoy quality food that makes starvation look like the better option.


We the people? Oh wait that’s not it at all is it and that seems to be something the “hate speech is not free speech” crowd don’t seem to get.

Regulation of our expression, thought, and association has already been ceded to unaccountable executives and enforced by minimally-trained, overworked staff, and hidden algorithms. Doubling down on this approach will not make it better. And yet, no amount of evidence has convinced the powers that be at major platforms like Facebook—or in governments around the world. Instead many, especially in policy circles, continue to push for companies to—magically and at scale—perfectly differentiate between speech that should be protected and speech that should be erased.

If our experience has taught us anything, it’s that we have no reason to trust the powerful—inside governments, corporations, or other institutions—to draw those lines.

As people who have watched and advocated for the voiceless for well over 25 years, we remain deeply concerned. Fighting censorship—by governments, large private corporations, or anyone else—is core to EFF’s mission, not because we enjoy defending reprehensible content, but because we know that while censorship can be and is employed against Nazis, it is more often used as a tool by the powerful, against the powerless.