On Happiness Road: a must watch film


“If you have the time, and intend on starting 2018 with a great bittersweet but warm hearted movie, please, go watch it ! Not only you will help support Taiwan’s animation future, but you’ll also thank me for recommending you to go watch one of Taiwan’s best films to date.”


some of the backgrounds look quite nice.

Not mentioned anywhere in the article: Are there English subtitles?

By the way, here are the very limited show times at Tai Mall in Taoyuan, obviously geared towards preschool kids with non-working moms and amas. Sigh.

Sorry to grave dig a bit, but allow me a small hint: China Airlines have been showing this for quite a while now on every flight that I took in the last year or so. Good chance to watch it, if you haven’t seen it yet.


I play the (only foreign) role in the movie, the American husband, imaginatively named “Anthony”. They haven’t asked me to come back for the sequel, “Instant Gratification Blvd.”


I’ve seen the animation and never twigged it…

What first drew you to the part ?:wink: