On line courses

Does anyone happen know about colleges (UK, Aus, Canadian or anywhere English Language based) that offer good online diploma courses in sports therapy/nutrition?
An internationally well recognised qualification is a must.

Hello Sarah!

I also tried to find some on line seminar/studies recently and all I found was courses that require some days of attendance during every semester(for exams/workshops). Does anybody know if there would be such courses available at some taiwanese universities (english), so attendance would be no problem? However I would also prefer a non-attendance course at an international renown University. :unamused:


Don’t know details, but I think HK City Uni was offering some distance learning classes. That way, if you had to attend one class a semester or a week of classes a semester, at least it is in the neighborhood. Might be worth further looking into, or a Singapore University.

One of my good friends back in the States got her Masters in Library Science in an online course, but it required 1 week a semester in Illinois. Not very practical from Taiwan I would imagine.