On-line trading in Taiwan?

I will be moving back to Taiwan next month and am interested in doing some on-line trading. From my understanding I may not be able to use my Canadian banks on-line trading site. Does anyone know of a way to do it in Taiwan and in English?

I was thinking about opening up an HSBC premiere international account but am not sure if I can do it through them.

I’ll be looking into it from this side but was wondering if anyone has any experience with trading over there?

I looked for a English interface for online trading in TW as well, but couldn’t find one. I settled for a Chinese one called e01, through the Fubon bank… fubon-ebroker.com/fubon/page_202.fs
Setting it up was a pain, but the local broker was helpful and I had my local GF to help too. Once it’s up and running it’s just buy and sell, which is easy enough. Not ideal, but doable.

Anyone here do on-line trading through their bank in Canada or the U.S.?

I don’t currently, but I used to use Sharebuilder through my Wells Fargo online. I never had any problems, but at the time, I still got paid through direct deposit through my US. employer. Doing transfers if you are paid locally in Taiwan might be a hassel.

You can trade through HYMarkets (in the UK) if you have an ARC. Pretty straightforward.

I checked their website, couldn’t find any reference to trading local stocks (in Taiwan) via their website. Care to share!

Do they offer a global platform for trading?


I checked their website, couldn’t find any reference to trading local stocks (in Taiwan) via their website. Care to share!

Do they offer a global platform for trading?


Sorry, no Taiwanese stocks. Only index futures for HK (including H-shares), Japan, Germany, UK, and US (S&P, Dow, and NASDAQ) and currencies and commodities. There are also futures for the Dow 30, I think.

I had tried buying local stocks through a broker at Capital Securities back in June. I quickly realized how I was going to be treated and figured I would have much more control and better service by trading on-line. So glad I did.

I’m from Canada and trade TSX.v shares online through my TD Web-Broker and my NatBank brokerage accounts. No problems whatsoever. I have thought about trading on TAIEX but from what I hear, it’s extremely insider managed.

I’m American and use Zecco for American based stocks, no problems. Not sure if it helps.

I’m American, and have used Fidelity for 4 years. $8/trade, but they have great customer service (my primary criteria since I’m permanently overseas), and tons of research. You can also set up a cash management account which links online to your bank, as well as to credit cards. Personally, I don’t even have any other bank account, and just use a Fidelity debit card for online US purchases.

If you are a Canadian and not residing in Canada you can trade with US companies like Scott trade or the broker of your choice. I’m not sure if this helps.

I find it strange that your Canadian broker will not allow trading from Taiwan. Many brokers these days will allow you to trade from anywhere in the world. One of my brokers will not allow me to wire money to my account directly from my Taiwan bank, but it’s easy enough to wire to my main US bank account, then fund my brokerage account from there.

Your best option, is to get a VPN in Canada and simply trade through your VPN if you want to stick with your current bank/broker. They will have no way of knowing where your pc is located, only the location/IP of your VPN provider.

There’s a lot of competition among brokers these days so you won’t have any problems finding a good one that you can use from Taiwan. Commissions also vary, so shop around. Your likely paying too much in commissions/spreads.

Thanks for the tip. I’ve been trading with them for the last six months since I read this. Mostly the experience has been good. I like that I could start with a small amount of cash, whereas most trading platforms ask for a minimum US$10 000 deposit with minimum $1000 trades. However, the online trading platform has been down since yesterday and it’s frustrating holding trades and watching the markets moving and I can’t get on to push buttons.

I’ve been limited to using the web-based platform because of my OS. Do you use their MT4 system and if so, can you tell me if your trades are executed quickly and reliably on that platform? Is that platform working today? The web based platform can be frustrating to use when there’s a lot of action in the market as it’s too slow.