On Tap Bar for sale!

Well, it’s time for On Tap to grow up a bit. We have decided to move On Tap to a much larger venue, about 100 pings. The move will happen, if there are no hitches, on June 1st. So we are looking to sell the old bar if anyone is interested in having their own cool and comfortable spot.

We are looking to sell the whole business, name included if really needed. We are buying out an existing bar, so we don’t need anything. We are willing to sell it cheap! But we want to conclude ALL business by June 1st. So that means DON’T waste my time if you don’t have cash now, or a seriously strong business plan and bar experience! Don’t be probing me for prices or whatnot!

The bar’s rent is currently 55k per month. We have 6 months left on our lease. After that the landlord may raise rent as it is really cheap. But that’s up to her so I don’t know. We do over 500k plus monthly just as a gauge to analyze some basic numbers.

So I am open to all REALISTIC offers or opportunities. Send me an email at billyallen@hotmail.com or call me at 0920261069.

Obviously some of the patrons will move over to the new bar. But believe me, sometimes the place is packed and Niall and I don’t know 90% of the people. So if you continue to run the place as we have, I believe you can still do very well weather or not you have a million friends. Although that would help!

Post the for sale ad on May 7 and you want to conclude the sale by June 1st? Good luck.

For sale?


You give them some money and they give you the bar, Stu. That’s what “sale” means.

M.T. wrote: [quote]Post the for sale ad on May 7 and you want to conclude the sale by June 1st? Good luck.[/quote]
A quickie sale!
Could mean a good bargain. If I had money, I might be interested. It’s a good no-frills (I was going to write “heterosexual” but decided against it) bar. Mind you, If I was running a boozer, I’d probably be dead in five years - no self-control when it comes to the bottle.

Good luck Mr. On Tap.

Maybe you could give it away … buy 10 beers and get the bar …

"We have 6 months left on our lease. "

not to waste your time, or probe you for prices or whatnot:

if you have 6 months left on your lease you have NO business to sell.

Since you posted this here, please explain what business you have to sell with a 6 month lease agreement.

rather this could be called an asset sale, but not a business

hey, he moight be Oirish, but that doesn’t mean he’s stupid.

Actually, i might just offer that…

So, you bought out the other place that was looking for a buyer …

Is On Tap a brand? Why not sell the brand as a franchise and open On Tap 2?

Selling the lease to the premises, the bar, booze and kitchen sink means you are just selling things. Surely the location associated with the On Tap brand gives it more value, so its a little more than selling the things in the bar

Do I make sense?

Which one? Four spring to mind in Taipei…

Don’t know about the brand, but the name seems to be up for grabs…Asking price? Not interested, just curious.