On the way to Spring Scream? Stop by THE HAPPY BUDDHA in kh

Hello guys,

 If you are on your way to Spring Scream and maybe feeling a bit tired from the long drive/ride, or just needing some gobble, THE HAPPY BUDDHA Bar&Grill is the best choice for you!We have variety of food and drinks for you to take a breather. We are located around the back of the train station, you will only need to go north on Bo-ai 1st Rd for a few minutes and you are here! Bo-ai Rd is the main road in Kaohsiung and as you walk out of the back station, that will be the road.

 THE HAPPY BUDDHA is one of the most famous British Pub/Asain Fusion spot in K-town. We have really nice bar food, like burgers, pizzas, mexican and finger food, the kind of food you will get back at your home plus a huge selection of beers... and to that that all of Our prices are very reasonable! You will definitely want to come back for more after you try it once. 

 For today (4/5) and tomorrow (4/6), besides the daily specials, all drinks are 20% off. You can't get any better deal than this anywhere in K-town ! Come and check us out.

Here’s the inform for THE HAPPY BUDDHA:

Bo-ai 1st Rd, San Ming District, Kaohsiung City
(07) 323-6953