On vacation in TW, got ear infection. Need advice!

Hi everyone. I went swimming and got an ear infection. I definitely need antibiotics. Can i just walk into a pharmacy and ask for ear drops? Or do i need to see a doctor to get a prescription?

If i need to see a doctor, any advice on if i should just walk into a big hospital or if there are little family clinics around i can walk into?

Im located in tainan.
Thanks for any advice.

Walk into the biggest hospital you can find in town and see a doc in the ear nose and throat section. Just about all the doctors here speak basic English and will hook you up with what you need in no time flat. Shouldn’t cost you too much, even without insurance. Bring your passport with you.


What she said. In Tainan you can actually walk into a pharmacy and buy antibiotics, but it’s well worth spending the money to have a professional prescribe the correct one! It will cost you US$20-30 for the consultation without insurance, plus maybe another $5 for the actual antibiotics.

In theory an ENT clinic should provide service as good as a hospital, but you need to be able to recognise a sign like this:


… which might take a lot more effort than just walking into a hospital.

Thanks everyone