Once again, USMC shows how it's done

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It seems Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children got on the clue bus and have a better idea how to do things than the Brits and US Army do. Having read Michael Yon’s reports and vaguely familiar with the beat down the Taliban were laying on the Brits. This seems like a nice new change of pace. Lets see they are using female marines to reach out to women, building a base with an airport, training their own police with recruits vouched for by tribal elders, and they seem to understand counter insurgency(the country side is more important than the large cities).

Considering the fiasco with the bridge:

This is like a breath of fresh air. Now if they can just keep operational independence, we might see something good happen in one of the worse parts of Afghanistan. It’s not like they’ve done this before. CoughAnbarcough

Otherwise Afghanistan will be a God damn mess and the death knell of NATO. What good is a mutual defense pact if only one country has the muscle and the political will to see things through?

Semper Fidelis!


Using smarts instead of muscle. Good move!

Sadly this is the 2nd time that our British allies have completely fubar’d an area. First there was Basra and this was pretty much a repeat of Basra for the Brits, who were said to know more about counter insurgency than us yanks. I will give credit to the Iraqi Army and Maliki(not that I like him very much) for taking Basra back.

I pray that the Argentinians don’t get a clue, sink the 1-2 UK destroyers in the area and then massacre all the Falklanders for their oil and lucrative fishing grounds. Except for the US who would actually bother or even take the Falklands back?

And they say government can’t do anything right. (The marines, like all the armed forces, are part of the US government)