One China: Germany replaced Taiwan’s flag with a white blank flag

warum haben sie das jetzt getan?

English article on this news is posted here.

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Here is the press conference.

They replaced Taiwan’s flag with a white blank flag.

They are not showing it, because Germany does not recognize Taiwan as a country and then they still show Palestine, which they also do not recognize.


Die weisse Fahne ist doch die Ostfriesische, weisser Adler auf weissem Grund.

I took your phrase for the thread title. :upside_down_face:

White flag… You have gotta be kidding me! That’s the most insulting flag you could have used, Germany!

They replaced Taiwan’s flag with the surrender flag…

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They don’t recognized but they are doing business in Taiwan.

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" According to Winfried Kretschmann, who is premier of the region where Daimler is based, “China dominates the production of solar cells.”

Well China is > 9%. Where is Taiwan for them?

One big thing that the Chinese takeover of HK has done, is to remove the mask of moral superiority from the faces of the Western countries, and show them for what they really are - greedy. From the zero response from the world reg. HK, it is clear that none “really” cares about democracy, human rights, etc etc. They only pretend to care, till it’s convenient for them.


When Merkel said “America has been our truest ally throughout the decades” it means to me she is alluding to the opposite.

There’s a reason Obama approved wiretapping Angela Merkel’s personal cell phone for almost a decade… Germany has been up to no good for a while now. See China-Iran relations and how intertwined German corporations like Siemens are – lots of illegal dealings with Germany - i.e., Germany helping to build nuclear systems and facilities in Iran with China, and agreeing to allow China to station 5000 military troops in Iran to “protect interests”. Germany is aiding countries to violate US sanctions – USA know this – so now we see Taiwan’s flag disappearing, and Germany siding with China on last June’s Iran Nuclear Deal discussion - US threatened to snap back the waived portion of sanctions and Germany suddenly jumps to China’s defense when China jumps to Iran’s defense… what a mess.


oh dear

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Timestamped video link


Germany had had intimate affinity, for so many geopolitical, psychological, ideological reasons, with Persia. Ironically communism control of half Germany severed that tie for Germany. Now that tie is to be restored—with a new same-minded member: China. Finally, Nazism, communist, and Islam terrorism find the common psyche in their root.


Is there anything closer to the Nazis than the CCP right now? Germany has not learned anything apparently. Ethnic cleansing, concentration camps, extreme nationalism, aggressive expansionism, wanting to take back lost territories, rapid militarization, fascist leader, ideas of racial superiority.

Is Xi not the modern day hitler?


Are you insinuating something?

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Doesnt look like they replaced it. It never was.


They didn’t replace it last night, they replaced it in 2013. This is just bad journalism.

Btw it’s the same on many other countries’ websites including Canada and Australia etc.


Simple truth. Germans are just as shallow as the rest of our species. They back tracked on Huawei a while ago as well…


And with Germany‘s history, don’t expect them to take the lead when it comes to taking a position that could come off as aggressive in any way.

I think German foreign politics is dominated by an idea of not trying to interfere too much with other countries beyond verbal notes and gentle reminders.


And strangely, even the left is stuck with trump

What I think these few years have shown the true colors of.most of.the world. Not just their.governments, but the actual public. All those on board with stopping racism in the USA still purchasing.made in China. What can one say about such events?

My thesis is correct. Everyone is pansy except the United States.