One Day on Earth

Don’t know if you guys are familiar with this project-- One Day on Earth.

The idea is:

[quote]Join us on 10.10.10 for an unprecedented event. Every Nation, 24 hours and You.

Across the planet, documentary filmmakers, students, and inspired citizens will record the human experience over a 24-hour period. By participating in this historic event, you will help capture the diversity of life and culture on this planet. Together we will create a document that is a gift to the world.

One Day on Earth is a documentary and new media project about the amazing diversity, conflict, tragedy, and triumph that occurs in one 24-hour period on Earth. More than a film, One Day on Earth is a multi-platform participatory media project. The flagship of this project is a 120-minute documentary to be released theatrically. Through the One Day on Earth platform we will establish a community that not only watches, but participates.


Are you going to film me?

[quote=“fred smith”]Namahottie:

Are you going to film me?[/quote]

Are you going to be in Chicago?

Sorry, I haven’t bothered to go to the website yet so forgive me if it says all this…

Are you meant to make your life look interesting, or are you meant to film yourself picking your nose, scratching your arse and watching TV (speaking from personal experience, obviously), or more likely (and more interestingly from a sociological point of view) spending endless hours on Forumosa. Don’t deny it - some of you are on, er, like, um, like, 10,000 posts or more and respond pretty quickly to any new thing that comes up, like. (no I’m not a dirty northern bastard, like)

Having looked, it doesn’t seem to say anything about whether you’re supposed to make yourself look more interesting than you actually are. There will of course be a natural human instinct to do so.

I wonder whether they have any social scientists on board to advise on methodology etc. Obviously, this is a new, shiny, “democratic” interweb form of social science, which will have all the advantages and flaws that implies. It will tell us a lot about people who pro-actively use the internet and like filming and talking about themselves. Don’t get me wrong, it sounds interesting and useful - but it would be interesting to have a social scientist’s perspective on it.

Sounds a little like Mass Observation who have been doing this in Britain since 1937.