One good reason riding in Taiwan is safer

Taiwan has no deers…stray dogs yes…but dogs seem smarter than to run in front of a bike. The third link down is a motorcycle saftey expert…and he actually predicted he would die from a deer…he said he could handle anything that idiots in cars (Taiwan) would do…but there’s nothing you can do about a deer. … its_a_Deer … =menu120_2

Taiwan has deer. Just not many in any areas you are likely to be riding. Of course now that they have started re-introducing them to areas, it may become a problem.

What about butterflies?

Yeah, a huge buck ran right in front of my roomie’s F250 truck at highway speeds in Ohio. Did about $3000 damage to the truck. If he’d been a biker, bye bye.

I have seen a dog run out and hit a motorcycle, though. The dog, probably slightly injured, fled the scene. The bike (scooter, actually) didn’t wipe, and kept going.