One Night in Taipei (Hotel Recommendations)

I’ve got a buddy who’s got a layover early next month in Taipei. He’s asked me to make a reservation for him, but I really don’t know any hotels in Taipei. I searched here but found mostly old information with links that don’t work anymore. Anyway, I was hoping some of you could recommend some decent hotels with reasonable rates. I suppose around 2000 NT or less would be what he is looking to pay. A HUGE plus would be airport pickup and drop off, but being near a bus stop with direct transit to the airport would also be just fine. Phone numbers and/or websites would be great. Thanks.

In all seriousness, you will be lucky to find a decent hotel for much under 4000nt let alone 2000nt.

Taipei is very expensive place to find a decent hotel. By decent I mean 4 star or more.

My opinion anyway.

If you don’t get any good suggestions here, do a search on Orbitz or Expedia or one of those travel sites. If you find one that looks good, try to look the hotel up directly on Google–you might get a better rate through the hotel Web site or by calling in. I have talked reservations desks into discounts in the past… But as Truant said, the options are fairly limited in that price range.

The thread I linked to below is almost 4 years old but still might provide some help. … ight=hotel

And here are links to some of the hotels mentioned in that thread:

Good luck!

Before I moved here, I stayed a few times at a little place called The Good Life Hotel. Even though the website posts their rooms at $2100 and up, I never paid more than $1350 per night, and when my friend came to Taiwan to visit, he stayed there for the same price. That may be because we stayed for a week, I’m not sure. Anyway, it’s very close to the MRT station, and they do offer airport pickup, but that costs about $1000NT or so. The airport bus makes drop-offs down the street at one of the larger, more expensive hotels, and it’s an easy walk.

I wish they’d ditch the annoying music on their website! I can’t figure out why the link goes to the Chinese version when my bookmark goes to the English version. It’s the same link… Click the link at the very top, skip the intro, choose the cup on the right (Good Life 1) and it will bring you to the choice for English,

What’s his level of comfort?

If he wants cheap cheap cheap and doesn’t care about atmosphere or amenities, there are some backpacker hostels for around NT$350/night.

If he wants a cheap hotel, there are rooms to be got for around NT$1000 in many areas, but they’re nothing fancy.

If he’s more of a stickler, then he’s looking NT$2000 and up.

As for getting to and from the aiport, there’s a choice of airport buses to various parts of the city.

Wikitravel has some info.

Taipei Fullerton 315 on Fuxing North Road is around NTD3300 a night and should be nice (small business hotel).
Closest drop-off point is Nanjing MRT Station for the Airport bus ‘Airbus East Line’.

The hotel is located very close to the Zhongshan Senior High School MRT stop:

Edit: corrected the price above (typo)!

Thanks a lot for the suggestions and advice. I’ll check out recommendations and probably choose from one of them.

Anyone ever hear of or stay at the Royal Castle Hotel? I found them on and the reviews sound pretty decent along with the price and location.

Carnegies, Vibe, Taxi to airport. No point in coming to Taipei to sleep.

I’m not completely sure if they have a foreign link, but I know they do have hotels on their site for Taiwan. Try both and… same site, just different prices due to the exchange between Canadian and US money.

I’ve used the site and have gotten some really good deals from it. I looked up hotles in Taipei before coming here just in case I was left homeless the night I arrived, but didn’t have to use it. has all your normal hotels, just at cheaper rates than calling up and booking. Really easy to use. I’ve used it for both Canada and the US and everything was smooth. Try it… maybe you can get something a little better for the cash you are willing to spend.

i liked the SUNROUTE hotel when i was there a few years ago. It was 2200nt a night and was quite nice and had a great japanese restaurant in the basement. close to MRT and also close to BUS to airport.

and walking distance to shuang chen street watering holes

Friends Star Hotel

I didn’t stay here but it sure looks good (I saw one of the rooms) and nice location
I remember the room was around 1600 NT$ (high season is higher)

Friends Star Hotel
Next to Guting MRT station, nearby city centre
11 Heping West Rd, Sec 1
Tel: 02 2386 7791 / 02 2396 7791 … poi=150278

For budget hotels: I know Kunming Street (Ximending) has some low budget places (around 600 NT I think). Directions: get off MRT at Ximen station. Walk down Chengdu Road. At Kunming Street, turn left. Now you should see some cheaper hotels from here within a 2 or 3 minute walk. (you might even see other places while you walked here)