One Plus One

So another player who is going to start rocking everyone’s boat…

Good hardware and software and…great price!!! Positive reviews from everyone.

What do you guys think???

I think that as hard as I try, I just can’t bring myself to buy a Chinese-made cellphone because of somewhat unfounded security concerns.

for a flagship killer, it’s price is just like most flagship products…

I’m using one to post this reply

The hardware is very impressive. The screen is so sharp - I haven’t seen anything better yet, and I recently checked out the 6 Plus and a Galaxy Note at a Taiwan Mobile office. The shape, weight, and feel of the sandstone back are wonderful.

Software wise: well… I’m digging the predictive text and onscreen keyboard. But I’m still not sold on Android (this uses Kitkat). Maybe I’ll come around after a few weeks, but I’ve always found iOS and its updates so intuitive, so normal. Android still isn’t intended for a regular user to use to its full potential. I can believe it can do everything iOS can do, but the degree of attention and time you will need to get there isn’t worth it IMHO.

For example, I finally figured out that I had to set the sleep mode timer to stop it from almost immediately blanking out whenever I paused. Couldn’t a simple default setting have been put in place? I put off figuring this out for a week because I just couldn’t be bothered. Not when I have perfectly working other devices. I forced myself to look this evening because I left my iPad at home (I’m traveling this week)

Another hangup I had: it wouldn’t hold a charge! Well, again, not until I figured out that its sleek flat microUSB cable had to be carefully JAMMED into BOTH the charger and the phone. It’s all pretty, but it isn’t well designed. Also, I’m annoyed the charger adapter doesn’t look like it can handle a regular USB plug. The pretty flat cable has a cool looking sculpted look - looks nice, but I’d be much happier with a more useful, interchangeable adapter

I’m still going to give it a chance. And when I start getting invites to giveaway, I’ll post about then on Forumosa

I wouldn’t single out just the Chinese-made cellphones. All ( Chinese, non-Chinese ) of them are all doing it to some extent or the other.

Thanks for the write up Goose Egg.

I don’t go gah gah over every new phone or model that hits the market. I just feel that the big players are taking us for a ride as far as pricing is concerned. Most of these “startup” phones can offer nearly the same kind of specs at a much low price. Okay, maybe they are not interested in making a profit initially so taking this into account, I feel the price cap for any top end phone should be around Ntd 18,000. :2cents: