One year rent 10% off

ok this landlord is offering 10% off if you pay it all up front…the whole year…my question is if I deceide to leave after 7,8 months…other then the 1 month penalty for breaking the lease…will I get my other money back? what’s the law/practice for this?

I’d say once you pay your money, it’s gone.
Sounds like a good deal if you stay the year though.

You should be able to bargain down the price by 10-15% even you pay monthly only but agree to a one year rental period.
However if you terminate the rental agreement earlier you will most likely be subjected to a penalty (as typically stipulated in the contract). I believe the penalty is a month’s rent.

I would NEVER pay more than one or two months ahead on rented residential property. Keep in mind that withholding rent is the only real leverage you have to force a landlord to make repairs. If something in the apartment broke and the place became unliveable because of it, it wouldn’t be feasible to take the landlord to court in order to recover the large chunk of rent money you’ve already given him regardless of what the contract says. You would be relying on his goodwill alone.