Online Backgammon at Forumosa

Is anybody up for a backgammon night played with the cube? Maybe every second week during the week?

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sounds like fun. you mean a money game? or for fun?

What’s with the cube mean?

the doubling cube. it has 2 4 8 16 32 64 on it, if you’ve played much you’ve prolly seen one. if you feel the game is going in your favor, you can turn it from 2 to 4 to double the stakes. your opponent has the option of accepting the double–and gaining the right to double next, one player cannot repeatedly double under normal rules–or conceding the game. it adds a lot to the game but a player skilled at its use will have a big advantage over the unskilled player. generally it is in your favor to double if you have better than a 50% chance to win, and in your favor to accept as long as you have better than a 25% chance.

That’s what I thought. Just checking. I’ve never played, only watched a few times (or maybe I played once). I’d be keen on playing if someone brought it to game club (or anywhere else). I know Bu Lai En like the Gammon.

If anyone wants to play Backgammon (for small money) let me know and I’ll bring to Games Club.


Thanks, Tempo gain for supplying the info regarding the doubling cube. I would be into playing for limited money, maybe a tournament of some kind. To play the game correctly it has to played with the cube for an amount of money.

Goose Egg and I had been tinkering with the notion of adding some fun to the forums, specifically we wanted to add some online gaming to the forums, and we were lucky enough to have discovered a talented games developer, Gareth Murfin, that was willing to help out! We now have a 95% finished version of backgammon, but it needs testing, and this is where you come in. If you’re interested, could you furnish me with your e-mail address and I’ll send you the download. Play the game, test it, and let us know where the bugs are. Once the game is bug-free, Gareth will look at integrating it with the forums. This is what we’re hoping to get:

  • A multi-player backgammon game, for, a phpbb forum. (the game would be accessed from the Fun and Games forum, natch)
  • Only registered users would be able to play.
  • Every user would have the ability to open a new table and wait for an opponent, or choose to play in any open tables, from other users waiting.
  • The app must have a ranking system (wins, games, played etc.) integrated with the user profiles.

Let the games begin! :slight_smile:

Im Gareth so we could use this thread for the feedback? The backgammon application is written in Java and will run on Mac, Linux and Windows, so good news for you non Windows users :slight_smile:

Currently local play is the main thing we wish to test, then to move onto network play, send Maoman your email to try it out.




I just played my first game on the beta version. Was kicking the computers ass, left one piece open and he nailed it. When you’re in the stink hole, it roles too quickly and doesn’t let you see what you rolled. I hit a bug, where the computer only had one lane blocked, but I still didn’t roll out in over 20 rolls. I had 6 tiles in, 1 in the hole, and all the others waiting on lane 1 to go in. It needs to slow the skunk down so you can see what you rolled and why you couldn’t come back in and find the bug that defaulted me to a crappy role.