Online certification

Anyone have any current information on getting halfway credible online certification for teaching ESL?
A friend is living on a US base (husband’s posted there) and helping teach some of the foreign wives and kids who are rotating through. She’s got a degree, kids, no time do an in-class program.


Yeah I wouldn’t mind getting that info either.

Actually I got my MTESOL at the University of Auckland (NZ). It’s pretty good, a long distance program. You can google it.


No more information?

I am not sure of the quality of any online programs, but I will watch this thread since I am interested in furthing myself as well.

A buddy of mine mentioned this the other day. … pAodHnWkrg

I really don’t know anything about these guys and the quality of it all, but it could be something worth look at.

Check this link. … agesmtesol
I got this degree and i found it very helpful, apart from studying TESOL and CELTA. Good luck

I did this
and got credit for a masters from Nova Southeastern University.
Look at the AUCS (approved university credits scheme)

Doing a Delta now though Bell Centres which is also online.

PM me if you really want more info (a friend of mine promotes this and might get you some discount) but there is nothing better than a Celta or Trinity qualification where you are in a class. As for online, I guess the link I posted is as good or bad as most others out there, I just like the idea that I got credit for a masters and it worked out a little cheaper. … ograms.htm

The list is for Canada, but it includes some distance programs.

just make sure they are recognized through the gov’t first…

Thank you all, very much. :bow: