Online Classes at Accepted University (Will MOE verify?)

Hello everyone,

So I’ve been scouring the forum and elsewhere for an answer, but I think it’d be easier just to ask specifically.

First of all, I know that online degrees are not accepted in Taiwan.
My degree is from an accredited on-the-ground school with multiple campuses, and it is on the fabled list of accepted universities.
Or at least what has been mentioned as likely being the list: … rea_id=133

Nothing on my degree, transcript, or in the school name says anything about “distance learning” or “online”.

I did, however, complete most of my classes online.
My specific question is: will they verify the amount of classes I completed online vs on-the-ground?

I remember reading that over half of study time must have been completed in person, so I’m wondering if this is verified somehow, or not usually checked, and rather if the school is on the list if it is generally just accepted.

What inspired me to ask is that a question on an application form specifically asks if the degree was obtained online, or what percent was completed online.

Thanks, and hopefully you will ease my worries and fears! :pray:

I also would like to know the answer to this as I am in a similar situation.