Online dictionary using BO PO MO FO?

Hello everyone,

Is there anyone who knows an Online Chinese/English dictionary that uses BO PO MO FO (and not only pinyin) ?

Thank you.

I’ve found one, in Chinese University of H.K. 's website.
here is the link
You can type Bo Po Mo Fo, Pinyi, Chinese word or English, like this



but if you type more than one word, the Bo Po Mo Fo won’t appear, for example
if i type 幻想, then
幻想 imagination, fantasy, daydream
so you have to copy the word you want to know, and look it in the dictionary again, like this
type 幻, comes out
幻, ㄏㄨㄢˋ, huan4
type 想, comes out
想, ㄒㄧㄤˇ, xiang3

If you got problems using it, there’s also an User’s Guide in English.

and there’s another dictionary in 台灣教育部
it’s called教育部國語辭典簡編本
You can hear the correct sound of the word, and there are Bo Po Mo Fo and pinyi, but there’s no english explain.
I think it’s suitable when you want to know how to say the word.
here is the link