Online dictionary

can someone recommend me a good online dictionary for English to Chinese?

also what’s a good electronic dictionary that those Taiwanese use? but for English to Chinese primary…

I also have a laptop…do they have some program that can help me out ? translating wise…thanks

Lin Yutang’s dictionary works both ways.

You mean machine translation (ie the computer translates it for you)? Dr. Eye is tolerable. But machine translation still blows on most occasions in my experience. Especially with Chinese.

cool thanks

Provides a rough but decent and usuable translation (in many languages )for blocks of text up to 150 words.

MS Word has a translation function under the “Tools” pull down menu.

Tools/ Language / Translate

MS word’s translation any good? I need to install it

I noticed that some online dictionaries seem to better for certain categories of words. This one has been helpful when translating education-related work:

MDBG online chinese-english dictionary is really great for translations. The translations is okay as they use Altavista/Babel, but the word dictionary (advanced) is great when you are copying/pasting chinese and you get a great word by word pin :bravo: yin/english translation. … &wdqchim=3