Online Flower/chocolate Store that Delivers in Taipei

Dear fellow formosans,

Valentines is dis upcoming week, and I wanna send my gf some flowers, but I;m in da U.S., so wondered if anyone knew of reputable places that took American credit cards as payment online and delivered flowers to places in Taipei.

I;m in the US so it has to accept American credit cards (VISA), and deliver in Taiwan. I tried Google, but dunno how reputable the international flowerist network is… and their pricing seemed a bit shady depending on the country delivering too…

All suggestions appreciatied…

If there’s anything besides flowers that can be ordered/delivered online plz suggest that as well (any online chocolate delivery stores?? ) or something. try google again.

but if you’re can read chinese, there’s a lot of sites (selling books, mags, dvds, phone cards and flowers) catering to overseas chinese that will make deliveries to their folks back home incl. taiwan.

better yet, have one of her friends over there pick some flowers up and drop it over her place with a card for you.

This place might be able to help:

Not sure though on the US credit card thing. ( … florist_to

And yes, they do take U.S. credit cards and you can enter your U.S. address as the sender’s address. When I was living in the States I used to order cakes for my parents from Sina.

the flower store on doesn’t deliver to Taiwan, only china (may explain why they are so cheap).

The Gudy site is nice, but they also didn’t accept my credit card like several other Taiwan sites I tried, they wanted me to fax in my order and get my Taiwan ID card (WTF?!!). I tried and got rejected there too :frowning:

Right now I made an order with, I’ll see if that goes through…

Too bad ppl in Taiwan don’t take paypal…

Yes, Sina does deliver flowers to Taiwan. You need to choose “Deliver to Taiwan” on the left hand side column (vs “Deliver to China”) which will bring you to this page: … florist_tw

Why don’t you just send Big Fluffy Matthew to see your girl on V-Day?

well…aliceflowers rejected my CC too :frowning:

I got an email at 6 a.m. dis morning :’(

Ya I took another look at the Sina site, but they need 4 days to process, I don’t have that kinda time anymore :’(

I’ll just mail something to TW than…

I would like to update, that the problem was my credit card and not Alice Flowers. I recently got a new American Express, and it worked fine through the Alice Flowers website.

Its not easy having a long distance relationship that spans 12 timezones, especially when you’re insensitive and say mean things at random.

However, Alice flowers makes it manageable!