Online Forums in Taiwan Catering to Locals

Does anyone know of any online forums in Taiwan [color=blue]catering to the locals?[/color] These will almost exclusively be in Chinese and probably run by the younger generation.


Every university has a bbs system, seems like…and of course there are the Chinese language newsgroups on USENET.

Also check out and, they might point you in that direction.

I already know about the University BBS systems, but I’m not really looking for search engine type discussions, newsgroups or bbs’s but they are helpful and apprecaited! Thank you! :smiley:

I am looking for something relatively the same as what we have here at Segue, a board type forum, but it would be in Chinese with local discussions.

Yahoo-Kimo BBS - Loads and loads of forums, take your pick.

There should be plenty. People in Taiwan love BBS/Web forums, more so than English speakers I would say. This is from my experience with Chinese computer website BBS/Wes forums.

Search the Chinese web in Chinese. Ask your Taiwanese friends to help you search. We are a bunch of wai guo ren, what do we know?!

I just wondered. What do wai guo ren know? Well some may have expereince with this who knows…


My wife uses the Taida BBS. I had a look, and it’s enormous. Something like 80 different forums, proabblu all busier than Segue’s. Apparently it’s the best one in Taiwan.


What type of forum in Chinese are you looking for specifically? Used things for sale? Apartments? Complaints about Taiwan and the Taiwanese? (Hahaha, don’t think you will find that one!)

If you give more specifics maybe someone could help you more easily.

Hobart, no no no nothing like that haha! Actually I am not looking for anything specific, I asked because there are some things local people know that foreigners don’t, but my Chinese reading and typing skills aren’t good enough to be posting on those forums anyway, but I figured I’d ask…

Taiwanese politics -
(also check out the mainpage for more links)

Gaming (forums)-

and… Sex :smiley:

hope that helps :stuck_out_tongue: