Online Furniture Shopping?

Can anyone recommend a website for shopping online for furniture? I know of Ikea and I have found I have tried googling and yahooing “台彎家具” but haven’t really found anything I can sink my teeth into. I am sure there have to be furniture stores in Taiwan (specifically I will be living in Taipei) that have their furniture store’s inventory online. I would appreciate any recommendations! :pray:

The major shopping websites here are Yahoo and Pchome. Here are the furniture related pages: … 2116427245

Has anyone every bought furniture from - I think they are based in India

I am interested in this desk:

Shipping to Taiwan “by Airmail” is free of charge. Are there any customs or duties that I should prepare for? I didn’t see it mentioned on the product page and I expect Alexnld to mention them.

Looks like was available on Aliexpress. I bet that website is a reseller and they’ll tell you it’s not available.

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Thank you for pointing this out. There seem to be even more colors at AliExpress!

I tried to learn more about what is available from AliExpress and I now fully understand what you meant - they are all apparently unavailable!

So, I did a Google Image search of one of the photos and found a whole bunch of supposed listings. I even found a YouTube video of people in Pakistan (apparently) putting one together.

The image search also turned up a listing on that apparently is available! But at 9x the cost of the supposed Aliexpress listings – and without free shipping from Amazon

So, for me, it’s a case of something that seemed too good to be true and is. I don’t think I have ever successfully purchased something recommended by Google, and with this experience, I probably won’t
is the most recommendable brand I’ve known.

It’s a Korean brand decades consecutively awarded in red dot design.

Its furniture is highly durable, quality, and modern.