Online harassment/malicious bullying by US citizen residing in Taiwan

Hi, I am currently being harassed online by a psychopathic individual who is making web pages about me, using my full name and personal information as identifiers. This person is a US citizen but currently residing in Taiwan. He has revealed very personal and nonpublic facts about me on his website in an attempt to publicly shame and embarrass me, against my permission. He has also sent me a series of vulgar and threatening text messages encouraging me to harm myself and that he will be watching. I have ceased contact with this individual for over 4 years and he continues to stalk and send me harassing messages. I was wondering if I can sue him in Taiwan for harassing me nonstop online (only because I cannot bring suit against him in another jurisdiction if he is currently residing in Taiwan). Does Taiwan have any laws against this and what are the consequences for him? Any good law firms to recommend? Thanks very much.

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Here you go! This is my lawyer.

Tell him Marco sent you!


There’s some useful legal and other information in this article.


So you’re also a US citizen and this guy is creating websites pretending to be you?

No, he is creating websites revealing my personal information. He is not pretending to be me but keeps revealing private things about my life I want to keep private on his webpages. He knows this is done to harass me and to cause emotional distress.

You might want to see if your circumstances sound similar to this:

Was the information posted obtained legally or illegally?

Yes, part of the private info he is disclosing includes my online identities. However, I know the identify of the offender, he is not anonymous. He lives in Taiwan.

It was obtained legally but in private, he misrepresented his true nature and I should not have confided that much details in him. Once I found out his true nature (psychopathic online harasser) I immediately cut off all communication with him. That’s what prompted him to lash out at me. I also told him I do not want any public disclosures of this because I feared harassment. He also texted me for the past 3-4 years encouraging me to suicide, and texting vile comments to me every once a while.

There are also misrepresentations and distorted half-truths on his website, for example, he continues to say I am a “business partner” of his and puts my image on his website without permission, despite the fact I cut off all contact with him years ago after finding out he smeared me in public chat groups and I started realizing his behavior was somewhat psychopathic (no emotion, takes advantage of people close to him mercilessly). I am not his business partner.

He has texted me privately several times saying that I “would suffer the consequences” for cutting off contact with him (because I felt this person was not safe for me to be around).

He has also attempted to blackmail me, asking for money if I wanted all of my information removed from the webpages he created.

I hope your have copies of all communications and online harassment your claim had happened. You’ll need those if you are going to take actions against this person.
Taiwan has defamation and insult laws, which could be enforced regardless of ones nationality, as long as the perpetrator lives in Taiwan.
@Marco had recommended a lawyer few posts above. You could start contacting them before deciding to file a lawsuit.


The best advice is a lawyer’s advice.


That’s why they charge for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How about ‘cyber’ stalking laws?

I have all the evidence saved and backed up.

Taiwan has strong, many say too strong, libel and slander laws. It also doesn’t cost a lot of money to sue somebody in Taiwan. You have the evidence already so you should sue him. These kind of people need the full rigor of the law applied to them and since he continues to harass you he probably thinks you are an easy target. Stop being one and fight back.

The question for me is can you appoint somebody else to represent you in Taiwan without appearing yourself.

Also Taiwan is a small world I can almost guess who people are talking about from their behaviour sometimes. Some true psychos/sociopaths out there.


That’s what I always say.

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The second best advice one can give is to consult the lawyer for the best advice.