Online Methods for Making Small Payments

What if there is a charity or other legally established organization (firm, advocacy group, consultancy, etc.) located in the United States wanting to accept donations (and/or payments for services rendered, contributions, etc.) from parties in Taiwan via some sort of [color=red]internet-based[/color] “payment method” –

Then I would like to ask,

What current options are available for making such “payments”?


  1. According to what I have heard, PayPal has been tried and has not been found to be successful. (It fact it was found to be a real hassle.) Hence, I believe that PayPal is out.
  2. Obviously, it might be possible to arrange for the US organization to arrange to accept credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc. However, due to the fact that in the current day and age most people are very hesitant to give out their credit card information in a casual email … it does not appear that such a methodology would meet with wide acceptance here among the general Taiwanese public.

Hence, I am wondering if anyone has some better suggestions? Thanks.

Not internet based but, if said organization in the US were to have some kind of affiliate partner in Taiwan with a local bank account, people in Taiwan could easily make payments via ATM transfer. Then the Taiwan based partner could send on the money to the US base via credit card, or even a regular wire transfer (which may be possible to set up to remit automatically on a set date each month).

Not sure if that helps at all.