Online Music- I Need Some Tunes But I Can't Download Any

My computer is an old relic with only 8 gigs of memory and my cd-rom only plays when it feels like it. I’m bored with my CD’s too, I need something new.

Do you know any websites where I can listen to tunes without actually dowloading the files? I like any kind of music although I’m not too fond of rap or country.

Thank you,


Internet Radio is your friend…

Being from the UK I always listen to Virgin Radio … index.html


there are thousands of hours of listenable music there, some can be downloaded.

or look at this thread:
[ … ht=pandora](Pandora's Personalized online Radio

Try pandora. It has a very interesting interactive search feature that allows you to find more music based on your reactions to the songs played from previous searches. For example, type in “The Meters” and it will generate a whole list of funk and New Orleans music. If you like a song, you can tell the computer to find more similar music, so that leads you on to Big Chief Jolly and the Wild Tchuopitoulas, or to Irma Thomas, and so on, depending on what you liked or didn’t. It will also ask if that song is what you were looking for, or not, and in his way each search builds upon the previous. I haven’t done much with pandora yet, but apparently you can save your searches and make playlists with the stuff you turn up.

Pandora is the best

I registered to Pandora for now. I got tunes! :slight_smile:

Thank you!